Zommari Leroux

Zommari Leroux
Release CommandSuppress
Arrancar rank7th Espada
First AppearanceChapter 244 Manga
Episode 145 Anime

Zommari Leroux is the Septima Espada, the 7th strongest Arrancar under Sousuke Aizen's command. He is a representation of intoxication, one of the aspects of death.


[edit] Appearance

Zommari is large, bald dark-skinned man with prominent lips and yellow eyes. On his face, he has several lines running down his forehead ending at his eyes, as well as triangle-shaped tattoos on his chin. He is dressed in a white Mandarin-themed long-sleeved shirt which collar does not fully conceal his chest, similiarly loose pants, as well as black sandles. The position of his hollow hole is not revealed, but the remnants of his mask seem to form a row of spikes along his head, skull-shaped earrings, and a necklace.

Whilst in his Resurrección state, his top-half seems to be in a form-fitting white suit that have eye-shaped markings, and above his shoulders, a skeletal neckbrace, while his bottom-half is encased in a pink pumpkin-like structure with similiar eye-shaped markings. He also receives two more facial markings in the shape of downward triangles under his eyes.

[edit] Personality

Zommari is seemingly a calm and contemplative man, but holds a certain loathing for Shinigami whom he believes are arrogant to pass judgement on Hollows. Ironically, in his fight with Byakuya Kuchiki, he shows signs of arrogance himself, underestimating him while revealing his techniques without first attempting to gauge the Captain's strength, which eventually results in his defeat.

[edit] Plot Synopsis


[edit] Abilities

See Hollows

Zommari, the seventh Espada, is the seventh most powerful Arrancar under Sosuke Aizen's command. His forte is in Sonído, claiming to be the fastest among the Espada. His signature technique, Sonido Gamelon is a testament to his skill, in which his speed is fast enough to create up to 5 "speed clones", or tangible after-images as a result of his speed.

As an Arrancar, Zommari has a Zanpakutou, Brujería, which while sealed looks like a regular katana with the guard looking similiar to a grey disk with spikes.

[edit] Resurrección

Zommari, after releasing Brujería

Whilst performing his Resurrección, Zommari levitates Brujería in front of him and bends his head perpendicular to his body while clasping his hands similiar to a prayer. With the release command, Suppress, his sword twists into a spiral and turns into smoke, which engulfs Zommari and reveals his Resurrección form after it clears.

Taking on the strength of Senbonzakura Kageyoshi

In this form, Zommari has eyes over his entire body, which can utilise an ability called Amor that gives Zommari "dominance" over whatever the eyes can see. Amor can take over an individual's body parts, such as an arm, or a leg, allowing Zommari to control them to hinder or injure his opponent. If he manages to control one's head, he can control their entire body. The ability, however, is Kido-like in nature and can be countered with other Kido techniques.

Furthermore, as a defensive maneuver, the pumpkin-like structure can swell and encase Zommari in a defensive sphere, which is strong enough to resist the full force of Byakuya Kuchiki's Bankai. However, using this prevents the use of Amor.

Zommari seemingly loses the ability to perform Sonido with Brujería released. However, this is unconfirmed as he remains stationary in this form.

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