Yammy Riyalgo

Yammy Rialgo
Release CommandDestroy
Arrancar rankNo. 10 (No. 0 after resurrección)(Espada)
First AppearanceManga: Chapter 190
Anime: Episode 113

Yammy Riyalgo is the tenth Espada (Décima Espada) in Sosuke Aizen's army of arrancars. However, upon releasing his zanpakuto, the number signifying his rank changes from a ten to a zero, thus becoming the zero Espada (Cero Espada). Other than Ulquiorra Cifer, Yammy is one of the first Espada to debut in the Bleach anime and manga series, although he wasn't revealed as such until later in the plot.

[edit] Appearance

Yammy is by far the biggest of the espada, both before and after Resurrección. He has a ponytail and long bushy sideburns, apart from that he is completely bald, with a ridge pattern on the top of his head, similar in appearance to an Adjuchas. He wears the standard Espada uniform, except he always keeps his jacket open.

The remaints of his hollow mask is a Jawbone with 8 teeth, which rests on his chin. His hollow hole is in his chest. His number 10 tattoo, signifying him as the 10th strongest espada, is located on his left shoulder.

[edit] Personality

Although he looks like one of the stronger Espada, he is actually the lowest ranked thus making him the weakest, upon releasing his zanpakutou he becomes Espada number 0, seemingly making him the strongest. He is one of the more brutal arrancar, showed when he kills a medic who just re-attached his severed arm. He kills the medic simply because he wanted to test the new strength of his arm, so he punches her straight in the head killing her, moaning that he should have been able to split her in two. He isn't one of the smartest Espada either, having to have Ulquiorra explain most things to him. According to Szayel Aporro Granz, Yammy has the tendancy to shout "Suerte" (Spanish for "Luck") when he comes across an interesting opponent, shown when he first encouters Ichigo Kurosaki in Karakura Town.

Unlike most Espada, Yammy seems to have some respect to another Espada, this being Ulquiorra, his superior prior to his release, shown when he wanted to help him in his final battle against Ichigo. Apart from Ulquiorra he doesn't seem to respect anyone else at all, going as far as attacking Melony and Loly for no apparent reason and attacking Rudobōn during his fight with Rukia Kuchiki.

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