Tia Hallibel

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Tia Hallibel
Arrancar rankNo.3 (Espada)
PredecessorNeliel Tu Oderschvank
Mila Rose
SeiyūMegumi Ogata
Voice actor(s)
First AppearanceAnime: Episode 138
Manga: Vol. 23, Chapter 198

Tia Hallibel (initially incorrectly romanized Halibel) is the third Espada (Tercera Espada) in Sosuke Aizen's army of arrancars. She is currently the only female Espada, and one of three females as yet revealed to have ever been an Espada. She has three fracción serving under her: Apache, Mila-Rose, and Sun-Sun.


[edit] Appearance

Tia Hallibel

Hallibel appears as a voluptuous young woman with darker tanned skin, green eyes with blonde eyelashes, and blonde wild hair with three tied locks. She wears the standard arrancar outfit, though with a long-sleeved jacket that covers the half of her face and extends down to her chest, however leaving the bottom half exposed. (in the anime it is extended to fully cover them). Harribel's zanpakutō, a short, wide, and hollow Zweihänder with a purple hilt, is carried horizontally on her back (similar to Soifon). Unlike all other arrancars (excluding the incomplete Grand Fisher), Hallibel retained a large portion of her hollow mask, which conceals the bottom portion of her face and extends down to cover her neck and breasts, albeit leaving much of them exposed. Her rank is signified by a small number "3" tattoo on her right breast. It has been discovered that Hallibel's Hollow hole is where her womb should be.

[edit] Personality

Complementing her somber guise, Hallibel maintains composed, soft-spoken, and dignified mannerisms. She rarely speaks, thus further adding to her mysterious semblance, as probably not even her subservients know her innermost feelings or background. Nevertheless, she values her fracción, seemingly moreso than most other Espada with fracción, which becomes evident when she threatens to seek vengeance against Captain Commander Yamamoto, who had incinerated all three of them. Invariably, Hallibel is very intelligent and a keen analyzer, describing Ichigo's duel with Grimmjow in Las Noches as a fight between "two Espada." Moreover, she tends to speak metaphorically while presenting profound philosophical premises. In one notable scene during Ichigo's fight with Grimmjow, Hallibel is seen telling her fracción, who are feeling anxious about the fight, that the fear they are exhibiting is their "primal fear," and they must "value it." Unlike most of her counterparts, Hallibel has a strong warrior ethic; a trait which she shares with her predecessor Neliel Tu Oderschvank. However, Hallibel does not share Nel's pacifistic ideals, as she will attempt to dispatch her opponents swiftly when given the chance. She is very confident in her abilities, thus why she is able to maintain her composure even when presented with inauspicious circumstances.

[edit] Abilities

Hallibel, as she appears in the anime, wielding her zanpakutō

See Hollows

Hallibel's rank as the Tercera Espada signifies that she is the third most powerful Espada, and arrancar for that matter, in Aizen's army. Having initially been a hollow, she is capable of using generic hollow techniques and abilities. Being an arrancar, she also has a zanpakutō available to her for use in combat.

  • Cero: The user concentrates his or her spiritual power into a single point and then releases it in one massive wave. Hallibel uses this technique in resurrección form by swinging her sword, altering the attack's usual shape by making it wider.
  • Bala: In this technique, a hollow hardens his/her spiritual power and shoots fast moving, concentrated blasts of spiritual energy. Another technique common to arrancars, though Harribel has not been shown using it.
  • Sonído: Similar to the shinigami shunpo, this technique enables hollows to travel relatively long distances in a fraction of time. Like other arrancars, Hallibel makes regular use of this technique while in combat.
  • Hierro: Arrancars have an innate ability to harden their skin using their spiritual power, making them almost impervious to even sharp objects.
  • Instant Regeneration: Though not as extensive as most hollows, arrancars instantly repair damages sustained to their body when entering resurrección mode.

[edit] Resurrección

Hallibel revealing the remnants of her hollow mask in addition to her tattoo

Hallibel's zanpakutō is called Tiburón (Spanish for "shark," Japanese for "imperial shark empress"), which is released by the command: "Destroy" (ute). In its sealed form, it appears as a short, wide, hollow bladed Zweihänder with a bronze guard and purple hilt. Unlike most other arrancar, Hallibel's zanpakutō enables her to use a special technique, called Ola Azul (Spanish for "blue wave"), in which she gathers energy in the hollow portion of her sword and shoots it in the form of a blade shaped projectile. She can also hold the energy in her sword, creating ribbons of energy when she swings it, thus increasing the range and lethality of her melee attacks.

Hallibel in her resurrección form

In resurrección form, Hallibel loses the portion of her mask that covered her face and gains two jagged marks on her cheeks. She gains two wing like protrusions on her back, an armored skirt, and additional armor that covers her arms, legs, shoulders, and a portion of her chest with a string of shark teeth running down her midsection. On her right arm, Hallibel carries a giant sword that resembles an oversized shark tooth.

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