Tatsuki Arisawa

Tatsuki Arisawa
Episode 2
Chapter 2

[edit] About Tatsuki

Tatuski attends Karakura High School in the same class as Ichigo Kurosaki, the are childhood buddies and used to go to Karate classes together.

[edit] Personality

Tatsuki is very rotective of anything and anyone she cares about, she is very strong, physique wise and will pummel anyone who annoys her or her friends. When Tatsuki was younger she would always help Ichigo when he was being beaten up, or if he was sad. Orihime Inoue best friends with Tatsuki, and Tatsuki protects her from any boys who want to date her, and also Chizuru Honshō, the lesbian of the school. Like Ichigo and his friends, Tatsuki can also see ghosts, Hollow and Shinigami, although she has no powers like her friends. She is stronger than the average human being, in that she can survive a spiritual attack which a normal human being wouldn't be able to.

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