Suzumebachi (Spirit)
Suzumebachi (Spirit).png
DebutEpisode 230
ShinigamiSoi Fon
SeiyūAyumi Jun

Suzumebachi is the manifested state of Soi Fon's Zanpakutō that appears in the animé exclusive Zanpakutō Unknown Tales Arc


[edit] Appearance

Suzumebachi is a fairy like creature with gold and black armor that somewhat resembles that of a wasp or bee. She has a large stinger-like weapon that covers her entire arm in which holds the same fashion with Soi Fon's Bankai. She emits a faint golden glow.

[edit] Personality

Suzumebachis is rather childish in the way she acts around the other Zanpakutō which juxtaposes the nature of her wielder, Soi Fon, who is very serious natured. She repeatedly tells other that she hates men, calling them "worthless". As Well as that she seems to take a disliking to Soi Fon also, stating that she became 'free' because of her inner desire for her own sense of fashion, complaining that Soi Fon's clothes were "boring and dull". She also tells Soi Fon that she needs a boyfriend, and somewhat is disgruntled with her obsession over Yoruichi

[edit] Synopsis

[edit] Powers & Abilities

  • Enhanced Speed: During her fight with Soi Fon. Suzumebachi proved to be exceptionally fast and was able to place a Hōmonka on Soi Fon, who is incidentally the fastest Shinigami in Soul Society. This is possible because of her smaller size.
  • Stealth Master: Just like her master, Suzumebachi is excellent at moving unnoticed. This is shown when she was able to stab Soi Fon without her noticing until after the attack was made.
  • Nigeki Kessatsu: (death in two steps) In the first step attacks with her 'stinger'. Not only does this cause a deep wound but it also leaves a butterfly shaped mark that spreads out from the wound, known as a Hōmonka. (Hornet's Crest) This marking then becomes the target for Suzumebachi's next attack. If the same spot is hit the second time in the same place, the person will die, initiating the name "Death in two steps". This method does not rely on the same spot of the skin however, but simply that when Suzumebachi pierces the skin, all that needs to happen is for the wound to be hit then again from any other side of the body. Thus proving this attack does not rely on hitting the same point of entry, more hitting the same point of surface contact.
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