Shunsui Kyōraku

Shunsui Kyōraku is the captain of the 8th Division in the Gotei 13, and one of the oldest living shinigami who have retained their position. His former lieutenant was Lisa Yadomaru, who is succeeded by Nanao Ise, who is currently serving.

[edit] Appearance

Shunsui appears as a middle-aged man with long, curly hair tied behind his back and thin facial hair on his cheeks and around his mouth. He stands out among his fellow captains by his unique style of fashion rather than physical appearance, as he enjoys dressing flamboyantly and wearing other extravagant accessories. Shunsui is also the only shinigami who regularly wears a straw hat.

[edit] Personality

Shunsui's personality can be characterized as being casual, soft-spoken, and nonchalant. Nanao, who he endears by calling her "Nanao-chan" (lil' Nanao in English dub), often chastises him for his occasional slothful behavior, which usually involves drinking sake and napping, and womanizing, which ends with her hitting him with anything on hand. Shunsui enjoys teasing his lieutenant, which is evident from the aforementioned behavior which he also exhibited while Lisa still served as his lieutenant. Furthermore, his tendency to chase after women attests to the fact that he's only had female lieutenants. Though he is generally laid back, Shunsui remains respectful of others, usually calling them by their first name followed by a honorific. Having pacifistic ideals, Shunsui dislikes combat and often tries to persuade his opponents out of a fight while remaining conscious of their pride and values. Moreover, he refuses to take the life of others, which is why he elected to let Chad go while Nanao suggested that he be killed.

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