Shinji Hirako

Shinji Hirako
Shikai ReleaseFall (Collapse)
Current OccupationVizard
Previous OccupationCaptain of the 5th Squad
First AppearanceAnime: Episode 109
Manga: Chapter 183

Shinji Hirako (平子 真子, Hirako Shinji) is the lead recruiter and self proclaimed leader of a group of rogue Shinigami called the Visoreds. He was previous Captain of the Gotei 13's 5th Squad.


[edit] Appearance

Shinji has jaw length blond hair with a straight cut. Many of his facial expressions show his top row teeth, a trait that is shared with Nnoitra Jiruga. He has been shown to wear a standard Karakura Uniform although is more traditionally seen wearing a long grey coat, short, tie and a newsboy cap. He has also pieced a loop shaped ring into his tongue.

When Shinji was a Captain of the Gotei 13 he hair was extremely long, reaching down to the lower parts of his back. He wore a standard Shinigami Uniform with the Captain's haori.

[edit] Personality

Shinji is somewhat of a comical person often adding a sense of levity to serious situations. Under normal circumstances he is generally flippant to those around him, especially to his associate, Hiyori Sarugaki, this usually end up with Shinji having a sandal thrown in his face. In turn she shows him no respect at all and frequently attacks his physically and verbally; although Shinji also throws in the odd comment and face when ever he gets the chance. He is shown to have a rather shallow outlook on women, often calling every cute girl he meets his 'true love', complete with a deadpan look about his face showing the outward lie. He is only shown doing this with Hiyori, further annoying her. He is quite partial to Jazz music and had a phonograph that played vinyls during his time as Captain.

Under this this joker exterior, he's actually very aware in terms of regarding other people, and during his time as captain he was the only person shown to be suspicious of Leuitenant Aizen, apparently being able to see and sense through several of his illusions. He is also shown to have several traits similar to that of Kisuke Urahara. During combat situations he attains a calm demeanor, in a conversation with Urahara it was hinted that Shinji had been a long running captain during his time. However he was not include in Shunsui Kyōraku's list of Captains fro the past 200 hundred years.

[edit] Abilities

As Shinji is a Vizard, he has the abilities of both a Hollow and a Shinigami. His Zanpakutō's Shikai and Bankai releases have not been revealed as of yet, however he has used his Cero against Grimmjow before in battle, and he can release spiritual energy from his Zanpakutō like Ichigo. Not much else is known.

[edit] History

Shinji was once the Captain of the Gotei 13's 5th Squad, and Aizen was his Vice-Captain, as Shinji never trusted him. He was right, as Aizen betrayed him, and hollowfied Shinji and all the other current Vizard as an experiment. Then the Vizard escaped to the real world with Urahara Kisuke as the blame was all pinned on them.

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