Shawlong Qufang

Shawlong Qufang
Release Command"Snip"
Arrancar Rank11th Arrancar
Grimmjow Jaegerjaques' Fracción
First AppearanceAnime: Episode 116
Manga: Chapter 198

Shawlong Qufang was the eleventh arrancar in Sosuke Aizen's army of arrancars. He also served as one of Grimmjow Jaegerjaques' five fracción. His status as the eleventh arrancar suggests that he was one of the oldest living arrancar, perhaps the oldest.


[edit] Appearance

Shawlong appears as a middle aged, tall, and slim man with a long face and braided black hair, which usually hangs over his shoulder. The remainder of his hollow mask is on his head, with a portion partially concealing the left side of his face and a long skipe pointing to the left. He wears a white overcoat and hakama common to most arrancars with his zanpakuto held at his waist by a black belt. His hollow hole is in the center of his abdomen, but it is hidden by his clothes.

[edit] Personality

Correspondingly to his appearance, Shawlong is well-mannered and formal to his allies and enemies alike, though he does tend to be cynical to those weaker than himself. Additionally, he is a shrewd analyst capable of deducing both the nature and depth of his opponents abilities. Like all fracción to their respective superior, Shawlong is very loyal and servile to Grimmjow--a bond which has lasted since their life as adjuchas in the depths of Hueco Mundo.

[edit] Abilities

Shawlong in his resurrección form

Shawlong is capable of using generic hollow techniques common to hollows of his level, though for the duration of his appearance he has only been seen making use of Sonido.

Shawlong's zanpakutō is called Tijereta (Spanish for "earwig"), which is also a species of insects in the order Dermaptera. Upon his resurrección, Shawlong gains tough armor covering his arms and chest and large skeletal claws on both his hands. The remainder of his hollow mask extends to cover the left side of his face, and his cue becomes a tail with cerci at its end like those of an earwig. Shawlong becomes significantly faster in his resurrección, and his claws are able to cut through Captain Hitsugaya's bankai at 20% with ease.

[edit] History

Like other hollows of his stature, Shawlong spent his days consuming other hollows in order to advance his evolution, eventually rising to an adjuchas. Sometime after doing so, he began to travel around with a group of four other adjuchas, continuing to try and satisfy an ever growing appetite for other hollows in aspiration of one day rising to Vasto Lorde. On their quest, Shawlong and the others eventually confronted a small panther-like adjuchas by the name Grimmjow. Shawlong quickly recognized Grimmjow's strength and elected to make him their "king." Shawlong continued his journey with his five companion hollows, consuming 3000 more hollows in the process. Realizing that his evolution had apparently ceased, he along with his original four comrades pleaded with Grimmjow to consume them, deciding that they would become vasto lorde as a part of Grimmjow. His plead was heeded, as to how he became an arrancar as well as Grimmjow's fracción later on is not known, this might be a storyline slip-up.

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