Season 1: The Substitute

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# Episode Original Airdate English Airdate
1 "The day I became a Soul Reaper"
"Shinigami ni natchatta hi"
October 5, 2004 September 8, 2006
Ichigo Kurosaki is a 15-year-old with the unusual ability to see spirits. We first witness this as he has a brief discussion with a dead girl's spirit. This bizarre phenomenon leads him into an encounter with several hollows and soon after into a Substitute Shinigami. Ichigo upon meeting a soul reaper named Rukia is highly curious, after some banter Rukia explains the purpose of a Shinigami. Shortly after the Hollow returns and attacks Karin. In the process of saving Ichigo's sister Rukia is badly injured. In an effort to save his family from a hollow, Ichigo's soul is transformed into a soul reaper.
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2 "A Soul Reaper's Work"
"Shinigami no oshigoto"
October 12, 2004 September 15, 2006
Having recently acquired soul reaper powers from Rukia, Ichigo is tasked with the responsibility of protecting his town from malevolent spirits known as Hollows. Rukia, while waiting for her powers to recover, assists Ichigo with his job as a Shinigami. Throughout the Episode Rukia divulges vital information regarding Hollows to Ichigo however, Ichigo is having trouble coming to terms with his job as a Soul Reaper.
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3 "The older brother's wish, the younger sister's wish"
"Ani no omoi, imōto no omoi"
October 19, 2004 September 22, 2006
Orihime Inoue, one of Ichigo's classmates, is a lively girl with a sad past time. Her older brother Sora was killed in an accident when she was just a small girl. One night, Orihime finds herself cornered by a hollow who turns out to be her older brother. Rukia and Ichigo intervene and proceed to attack the Hollow, however the Hollow attacks again and Inoue get bitten. This then sparks the Hollows faded memories of when Inoue was a child, and regains his mentality for a short time. During this short window of time he takes Ichigo's Zanpakutō and decides to kill himself before hurting Inoue again.
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4 "Cursed parakeet"
"Noroi no inko""
October 26, 2004 September 29, 2006
Sado 'Chad' Yasutora is a tall and stocky classmate of Ichigo who is generally reserved and shy. One day, he discovers a talking parakeet in a cage, which rumors say causes misfortune to its owner. True enough, Chad finds himself in several inauspicious situations, from traffic accidents to a steel beam falling on top of him. Eventually, Sado learns that the bird is inhabited by the spirit of a young boy named Shibata, thus the reason why it can talk. Soon after, Chad encounters a hollow, though he receives assistance from Rukia, whose soul reaper powers still haven't fully recovered. The boy's memories, however arbitrarily, flow into Karin, who as a result begged Ichigo to save him.
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5 ""Beat the invisible enemy!"
"Mienai teki o nagure!"
November 2, 2004 October 6, 2006
Rukia finds herself unable to dispatch the hollow singlehandedly and attempts to stall it while waiting for Ichigo to arrive. Incidentally, Chad, who initially is still unable to articulate spiritual beings, stepped up to confront the hollow, who is revealed to have been responsible for Shibata's mother's death when it was still living. His large stature, burly physique, exceptional strength, and sheer willpower allow him to put up a valiant fight against the hollow. Ichigo made a timely arrival and quickly disposed of the hollow, sending it to hell. Shortly afterwards, Ichigo performed a soul burial on Shibata, sending him to Soul Society.
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6 "Fight to the Death! Ichigo vs. Ichigo"
"Shitō! Ichigo vs Ichigo"
November 9, 2004 October 13, 2006
Rukia finds herself late for school after picking up an order from Urahara Shop. Punching Ichigo and dragging him away to the rooftop, she tosses him a tube of Soul Candy, and asks him to try one. Ichigo does, and his soul exits his body, and a temporary, modified soul is inserted. Unfortunately, this eccentric soul comes with an overbearing personality and salacious tendencies, which is further exacerbated by his superhuman speed and agility. Exploiting Ichigo's body, he flaunts his abilities to Ichigo's classmates and destroys Ichigo's reputation by kissing Tatsuki Arisawa and Orihime. Ichigo and Rukia attempt to apprehend Ichigo's imposter and prevent him from causing more ruckus.
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7 "Greetings From a Stuffed Toy"
"Nuigurumi kara KONnichiwa"
November 16, 2004 October 20, 2006
Kisuke Urahara and company prepare to collect their merchandise, while Ichigo's imposter, who calls himself Kon, attemps to assault three prepubescent boys, though his efforts are thwarted by Ichigo. Incidentally, a hollow appears and Kon put up a gallant fight against it, though getting Ichigo's body injured in the process. Ichigo eliminates the hollow with ease, saving the three boys and Kon. Urahara arrives at the scene to remove the modified soul from Ichigo’s body, but Rukia and Ichigo take back the “inferior goods” and end up putting it into a lion plushie. From Soul Society, a shinigami has been dispatched to search for Rukia, whilst memories of a very rainy night fill Ichigo’s head.
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8 "June 17, a Memory of Rain"
"Roku gatsu jū shichi nichi, ame no kioku"
November 23, 2004 October 27, 2006
The Kurosaki family goes to visit the grave of Masaki Kurosaki, their mother. Ichigo finds Rukia already there, who explains that it is possible that a hollow had killed his mother. Shortly after, she encounters a shinigami who inquires her for exceeding her allotted time in the human world, and when Ichigo barges in and announces that he is a “temporary shinigami”, he proclaims that she has committed a felony and assaults Ichigo. Their fight is interrupted as a hollow suddenly appears before them, putting the lives of the Kurosaki family in jeopardy once more.
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9 "Unbeatable Enemy"
"Taosenai teki"
November 30, 2004 November 3, 2006
Upon realizing that the hollow he faces is the one responsible for murdering his mother, Ichigo flies into a rage and carelessly lunges at the hollow, who evades his attack with ease. Rukia identifies the hollow as Grand Fisher, an elusive hollow whom Soul Society has been tracking for fifty years. Grand Fisher uses a peculiar head appendage which takes the form of a beautiful girl in order to lure people with distinct spiritual power, since they are the only ones who can see it. It is revealed that on one rainy day, a young Ichigo (who at the time was unaware of his ability to see spirits) fell for Fisher's trap as he was walking home with his mother. The shrewd hollow uses this ability again on Ichigo, this time replicating Ichigo's mother. The young shinigami, already riddled with guilt and regret, finds himself getting pummeled as Fisher uses his ability to deceive Ichigo by having the replica berate him for causing her death. Fortunately, this doppelganger suddenly recalls Masaki’s dying wish, and upon hearing it, Ichigo gains new resolve and manages to defeat Grand Fisher, although not killing it. Following the incident, Ichigo vows to become stronger in order to protect others from hollows or other nefarious spirits.
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10 "Assault on Trip at Sacred Ground!"
"Burari reijō totsugeki no tabi!"
December 7, 2004 November 10, 2006
Don Kanonji is a self proclaimed expert exorcist who stars in his own popular show, "Drop in," in which he conducts these paranormal acts. Though he despises the show, Ichigo attends one performance with Rukia so as to mollify his dad and Yuzu. Things become troublesome when Don inadvertently opens the hole in the chest of a plus (spirit bound to the earth by regrets), thinking he is exorcising it, thus turning it into a hollow. Ichigo must somehow fight the hollow without involving the innocent bystanders, though he receives help from Urahara and Don, the "hero" of the show, himself.
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11 "The Legendary Quincy"
"Densetsu no Kuinshī"
December 14, 2004 November 17, 2006
Ichigo is reprimanded for appearing on national TV, and Rukia, Keigo, Mizuiro, Chad, Tatsuki and Inoue are also hauled to the Principal’s office for not stopping Ichigo. Orihime is ranked 3rd, while Ichigo is 23rd for the exams. The 1st is Uryū Ishida, who later meets Ichigo and Rukia, who have arrived where a Hollow was supposed to be. Ishida shoots down the new Hollow that appears and tells them that he is a quincy who hates shinigami, i.e. Ichigo. Later when Ichigo is following him, he is told a number of things by Ishida, who then challenges him to a match. Urahara tells Rukia what he knows of the Quincy, most of which surprises Rukia. Ichigo accepts Ishida’s challenge and changes to Shinigami form.
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12 "A Gentle Right Arm"
"Yasashii migiude"
December 21, 2004 November 24, 2006
Ichigo and Ishida commence their match. Ishida begins by scattering anti-Hollow bait, luring a multitude of hollows to Karakura Town. While Ishida stands upon a bridge shooting down hollows immediately as they appear, Ichigo is running around frantically searching his sisters, whose discernible spiritual power make them a target of hollows. At the same time, Chad is also pursued by a hollow, eventually running into a defenseless Karin. He doughtily confronts and fights the beast, discovering his new power in the process. The battle, however, subsequently left him rather badly injured. The situation is exacerbated when Orihime and Tatsuki, who are on their way home from school, encounter a hollow as well.
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13 "Flower and Hollow"
"Hana to horō"
December 28, 2004 December 1, 2006
On their way home from school, Inoue and Tatsuki are attacked by a hollow. Being unable to see the hollow, Tatsuki is quickly incapacitated and on the verge of losing her life, until six fairy like creatures emerge from Inoue's left hairpin. These tiny people identify themselves as the manifestation of Inoue's spiritual power, and with their help Inoue manages protect herself and Tatsuki as well as defeat the hollow that attacked them.
14 "Back to Back, A fight to the Death!"
"Senaka awase no shitō"
January 11, 2005 December 8, 2006
After attracting hundreds of hollows, Ichigo and Ishida continue their competition to see who is better. Their feud quickly turns into a fight for their lives as the number of hollows keeps multiplying. They receive help from Kisuke Urahara and company, but unfortunately it was already too late as a gargantuan hollow emerges. Rukia fearfully identifies the hollow as a menos grande, a rare, superior breed of hollows who rarely appear in the living world and are a match for high ranking shinigami. Ichigo attempts to fight it, but his efforts proved futile against the mighty beast. Before Rukia could help him (though she was stopped by Urahara who wanted to test Ichigo), the menos fired a cero, a red, potent blast of spiritual energy. Ichigo challenged the attack head on, eventually redirecting it and causing significant damage to the menos, who then retreated.
15 "Kon’s Great Plan"
"Kon no UHAUHA daisakusen"
January 18, 2005 December 15, 2006
16 "Encounter, Renji Abarai!"
"Abarai Renji, kenzan!"
January 25, 2005 December 22, 2006
17 "Ichigo Dies!"
"Ichigo, shisu!"
February 1, 2005 January 5, 2007
18 "Reclaim! The Power of the Shinigami"
"Torimodose! Shinigami no chikara!"
February 8, 2005 January 12, 2007
19 "Ichigo Becomes a Hollow!"
"Ichigo, horō ni ochiru!"
February 15, 2005 January 19, 2007
20 "Ichimaru Gin's Shadow"
"Ichimaru Gin no kage"
February 22, 2005 January 26, 2007
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