DebutEpisode 73
SeiyūYuzuru Fujimoto

Sawatari is a character in the animé exclusive Bount Arc as one of the Bounts.


[edit] Appearance

Based on appearance, Sawatari seems to be the oldest living Bount, despite the fact that they don't age past 20-30 years old. He appears like this because of the by-product of consuming live human souls in a vast quantity, which causes the Bounts to age. He wears formal attire; a black suit with a light purple garment round his neck.

[edit] Personality

Whilst engaging in combat he treats all his opponent like children, even those are are older than himself (Yamamoto-Genryūsai). Like the other Bounts he is extremely power hungry and plans on over throwing Kariya as leader of the Bounts, after their victory in Soul Society.

[edit] Synopsis

[edit] Bount Arc (Animé Only)

Whilst in the Human World, Sawatari was fighting Rangiku, Chad, Noba and Ururu. Because of his Dolls power to travel through dimensions it almost swallows Rangiku's Zanpakutō, but was quickly able to reform the ash beforehand. With their tactics to stay off the ground, they moved to the rooftops thinking they would be safe, but Sawatari ripped through the walls of the buildings and attacked Chad. Ururu saved Chad by stepping in front of him and instead of Chad being swallowed, she was instead. Chad and Rangiku managed to distract and lure Sawatari into Noba's shield but he managed to break free and retreat.

During their invasion of Soul Society. Sawatari had a confrontation with Mayuri. Whilst they fought it was revealed that Mayur was following Sawatari which a sensor device, similar to the invention by Kisuke Urahara. Sawatari used the same tactic as he used on Rangiku but Mayuri easily avoided it. Enraged by the fact Mayuri couldn't use Sawatari as research h released his Bankai and soon defeated him. Before dying Sawatai revealed he consumed many souls so he could over throw Kariya.

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