Sado 'Chad' Yasutora

Sado 'Chad' Yasutora
BirthdayApril 7th
FamilyOscar Joaquin de la Rosa (Grandfather)
Voice ActorJamieson Price
OccupationHigh School Student
Japanese NameHiroki Yasumoto

Sado Yasutora, often called "Chad" by his friends and classmates, is one Ichigo's classmates and close friends. He often used to support Ichigo Kurosaki whenever a group of delinquents would begin to taunt and assault him. In the series' progression, Sado gained spiritual awareness and awakened spiritual powers of his own due to Ichigo's influence. As a result, he has begun to help Ichigo fight hollows and other malevolent spirits.


[edit] Appearance

Chad has long, brown hair that covers his eyes sometimes. Chad has a tattoo of a heart that is wrapped by a snake and has wings on it. Outside of school, Chad wears clothing common of boys his age, which usually comprises of a sleeveless t-shirt with a single red stripe on the side, and black pants. Being of Mexican descent as well, Sado's skin color is a light shade of brown.

[edit] Personality

Chad is generally reserved and timid despite his large stature. Surprisingly, Chad has a weakness for cute, small stuffed animals. This makes Chad fond of Kon since he occupies a stuffed tiger from Chad's favorite T.V. show. Chad also is very loyal, and would do anything to protect his friends and loved ones. His resolve and fearlessness has earned him respect from many who have been around him, even from the first hollow he fought.

[edit] Background

Chad's parents died when he was young and was left in the care of his grandfather, Oscar Joaquin de la Rosa. Chad's grandfather taught him several morals and principles that he still abides to, the most prominent one being that one "should die to protect your friends". It is for this reason Chad is very loyal to his friends and often would subject himself to brutal attacks against him in order to protect them. When Chad talks about his grandfather, he often refers to him as "Abuela" which is spanish for grandfather.

[edit] Abilities

Chad may not be a Soul Reaper and have a sakabato, but Chad does have something different. Chad's weapon is Brazo Derecha de Gigante, which means Right Arm of the Giant. Chad awakens this ability after he protects Karin Kurosaki, Ichigo's sister, from a hollow. Basically what happens is Chad's arm gets black armor on it, and increases Chad's already impressive power. Chad can also fire energy blasts from it. After training from Yoruichi, Chad learned how to activate this power at will.

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