Spirit Threads appearing before Ichigo Kurosaki
Reiraku (霊縛, Spirit Threads; "Spirit Ribbons" in the English dub) are the visual manifestations of Reiryoku in the shape of ribbons that are only viable to Spiritually aware beings. According to Rukia Kuchiki this technique is of a high level to perform. To the user of this technique, the ribbons of the Shinigami Spirits are Crimson whilst the others are a plan white colour. Ichigo Kurosaki originally used this technique to look for a lost Plus under the guise of a Parakeet to hide from the Hollow after it. He also used it to during his journey to his "inner world" to obtain his Shinigami powers, in which the ribbon was hidden in one of the thousands of boxes he could see, each representing his own souls humanity.

Both Shinigami and Quincy can use this technique, however only two characters have ever seen to do so; Ichigo and Uryū Ishida.

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