Rōjūrō Otoribashi

Rōjūro Otoribashi, (affectionately known as Rose) is the former Captain of the 3rd Division before his defection from Soul Society. He is currently a Vizard living in the world of the living along with seven other vizards.

Rojuro Otoribashi
Shikai ReleaseUnknown
Current OccupationVizard
Previous OccupationCaptain of the 3rd Squad
First AppearanceAnime: Episode 122
Manga: Chapter 214


[edit] Appearance

Rose is a tall-ish man with blond wavy hair, and normally always has a un-interested expression on his face. He wears a black suit with a frilly shirt. As a Shinigami he wore regular Shinigami robes but with a frilly shirt underneath them, and his Captain's jacket worn over his robes. He also had straighter hair as a Shinigami.

[edit] Personality

Rose is a laid back, carefree sort of man who enjoys Music, as he is seen tuning a Guitar on a few occasions, and he also enjoys reading Manga, much like Love and Lisa, but he hates spoilers. Despite his carefree nature, Rose does care about his fellow Vizard, referring to them as his "family".

[edit] Abilities

Not many of Rose's abilities are known as of yet because he has only been shown in battle once, and he was holding back. However he was once a Captain, and he can use Hollow powers as well because he is a Vizard, therefore he must be very strong.

[edit] History

Rose was once the Captain of the Gotei 13's 3rd Squad, until Rose and all the other Vizard were banished to the real world because Aizen used them as experiments and hollowfied them. However the Gotei 13 never knew this and thought that they gained hollow powers on their own accord.

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