Quincy.jpgQuincy using there Spirit Bows.
First appearenceEpisode 11 (Anime)

The Quincies are a group of humans who, over centuries, became aware of spirits. By doing this they have obtained their own spiritual powers that resemble a bow and arrow. They draw in Spirit Particles from around them, meaning if they are in an area without any particals at all, then should not be able to use there powers. Quincy have a hate for Shinigami, and rather than purify a Hollow as a Shinigami does, they kill it removing it from existance. Quincy are nearly extinct due to the Shinigami almost whiping them out before the story line is picked up.

Uryu Ishida is a main character, and also a quincy. He is one of two known quincy, the other being his father
Ryuken Ishida
Ryūken Ishida. Uryu Ishida loses his powers, and it was stated that a Quincy cannot regain thier powers, but he could temperarly have his powers with the help of some Quincy Artifact he obtained. But when the artifact broke the powers where once again lost. Later in the series Ryūken Ishida appears and tells there is a way of regaining the once lost quincy powers.
Uryu Ishida

That way needed Uryu Ishida to battle till he is exhausted and then being shot just missing the heart, this method restores the once lost powers.

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