Pesche Guatiche

Pesche Guatiche
Release CommandUnknown
Arrancar RankNeliel Tu Oderschvank's Fraccion
First AppearanceAnime: Episode 146
Manga: Chapter 246


[edit] Appearance

Pesche is a humanoid arrancar that looks like some type of insect. He has blonde hair, yellow eyes, and wears an eyepatch and a loincloth.

[edit] Personality

Pesche is a very humorous, jovial and silly arrancar who loves to create comical scenes. He is very protective of Nel, and would do anything to keep her from harms way. He enjoys to amuse himself by annoying Uryu Ishida by pretending to forget his name and call him Ichigo instead.

[edit] Abilities

Although he is an arrancar, Pesche doesn't seem to possess a zanpakuto or perform some generic hollow techniques such as Sonido. Nevertheless, he has developed some effective, unique techniques.

"Infinite Slick" is Pesche's most prominent, however repulsive technique--he spits out sticky saliva at his opponent and it can soften the blades of weapons and make his opponent loose their balance and slip. Contrary to its name, Pesche's "Infinite Slick" is not infinite.

He is also able to perform a unique technique called Cero Sincrético (lit. "synchronized zero") with Dondochakka Bilstin by combining both of their individual ceros in order to form a larger, more powerful variant. Pesche also has a blade of concentrated spiritual particles in the form of a katana, much like a Quincy's technique for their bows and arrows.

[edit] History

Pesche, along with Dondochakka, were originally Nel's fracción, before she lost her memory and her status as an Espada. One night, both of them were kidnapped by Nnoitra Jiruga and Szayel Aporro Granz and had their hollow masks forcefully removed. Shortly afterwards, Nel was ambushed by the aforementioned and sustained a severe injury to her head, which caused her develop amnesia and additionally revert into a child. Knowing that Nel had despised violence, Pesche and Dondochakka decided to continue their lives outside of Las Noches protecting Nel primarily from her past.

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