Onmitsukidō (lit. hidden secret movements organization), dubbed the Stealth Force in the English version, is an separate branch of Soul Society's military force originally tied to the noble Shihōin family. Also referred to as the Special Mobile Unit/Corps, Special Forces, or Covert Ops, this organization is responsible for the apprehension, detainment, and/or assassination of criminals and potential troublemakers. The Onmitsukidō is typically commanded by a member of the Shihōin family, the last member being Yoruichi before she defected from Soul Society. Since she became the 2nd Division Captain as well, the organization seems to have permanently merged with the Gotei 13's 2nd Division. The current commander of the Onmitsukidō is Soi Fon, who is also the current 2nd Division Captain.

[edit] Chain of Command

Typical of a military force, the Onmitsukidō has a chain of command organizing the members by rank and occupation. The head of the entire organization is called the Commander-in-Chief (sōshireikan). The commander-in-chief, though having authority over the Onmitsukidō as a whole, will periodically personally command the top division, known as the Executive Militia. The leaders of each division are called the Corps Commanders (gundanchō). Corps Commanders now automatically have Seated Officer positions in the Gotei 13 due to the 2nd Division having merged with the Onmitsukidō.

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