Nakeem Greendina

Nakeem Greendina
Release CommandUnknown
Arrancar Rank14th Arrancar
Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez' Fracción
First AppearanceAnime: Episode 116
Manga: Chapter 199


[edit] Appearence

Nakeem is a round, bulky Arrancar with short black hair, and half of his hollow mask remains on his face. The location of his hollow hole is unknown, and he wears regular white Vasto Lorde robes.

[edit] Personality

Nakeem is a calm but serious Arrancar who doesn't talk much and only cares about following his orders.

[edit] Abilities

None of Nakeem's abilities were revealed as he was defeated quickly by Rangiku after her limiter was released.

[edit] History

Nakeem used to travel around with a group of Hollows hoping to one day become Vasto Lorde by eating as many hollows as possible, and later they ran into Grimmjow, and seeing his strength, they accepted him as their "King". All of these hollows became Grimmjow's fraccion once he became an Espada.

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