Muramasa (spirit).png
DebutEpisode 230
ShinigamiKōga Kuchiki
SeiyūYuichi Nakamura

Muramasa is the manifested state of Kōga Kuchiki's Zanpakutō in the animé exclusive arc Zanpakutō Unknown Tales arc. He has the power to release Zanpakutō spirits and make them attack their Shinigami masters and is the primary antagonist throughout the arc.

[edit] Appearance

He is a tall, thin man with messy brown hair and two bangs of hair that cross over the bridge of his nose. His eyes are teal in colour and they are further encircled by dark marks resembling the shape of his tsuba. The most prominant feature about Muramasa is his long finger nails which were shown to be much shorter before the loss of his master. He wears a long white, robe-like coat that resembles that of an Arrancars. The collor is made of a thick white fur, accompanied by a purple ascot held on by a ruby broach. He also has a white sash round his waist with a thin purple line running though it and boots with pointed toe caps.

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