Maki Ichinose

[edit] Powers & Abilities

[edit] Zanpakutō


Nijigasumi (lit. Rainbow Mist): Much like most katana in it's sealed state resembles the look of an average katana with a rectangular cross-guard with a circle encompassing the blade with two inward curving gray lines to each corner the long way and the steel blue hilt.

    • Shikai Special Ability: When Nijigasumi is drenched in Spiritual energy it is able to create an infinite mass of light. When the zanpakutō emits light, it merges all light and can then use the light to control the shadows and attack his opponant with them. Nijigasuma also has light manipulation abilities, such as;
      • Invisibility: This is the ability to make Maki invisible to the naked eye by surrounding him with light.
      • Blinding Light: The ability to create a vast explosion of light to disturb their visual perceptions, in turn causing confusion and a reduced chance of them fighting back.
      • Illusions: The ability to use light to alter the foes vision, allowing him to make his opponent see whatever he wants them to.
      • Blade of Light: Caused the actual blade is dissolved and replaced with one of light. If the blade it broken is can cover itself in light again so the battle can continue.
    • Saigyoku Nijigasumi (lit. Swallowing Orb of Rainbow Mist): Causes a mass of twinkling lights with then form around the opponent which creates a huge sphere and encompasses the foe within a specified radius. Anyone within that radius will also be effected by the sphere. After the sphere reaches the limit of the radius it collapses in on itself and crushes anything with in it.
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