Lisa Yadōmaru

Lisa Yadōmaru
Release CommandUnknown
Current OccupationVizard
Previous OccupationVice Captain of the 8th Squad
First AppearanceAnime: Episode 122
Manga: Chapter 214

Lisa Yadōmaru (矢胴丸 リサ, Yadōmaru Risa) is a former Lieutenant of the 8th Squad under Captain Shunsui Kyōraku. She is part of the rogue Shinigami group called the Visoreds.


[edit] Appearance

Lisa's appearance is like that of a young female adult with red, oval shapes glasses and long black hair. At the front her hair in kept up in bangs and at the back she keeps it in two long pigtails. She is usually seen wearing a long sleeved sailors outfit with a blue/green collar that matched her skirt, along with a pink neckerchief. During her time as a Lieutenant she wore the standard Shinigami robes, along with a shortened hakama that resembles a skirt. Her hair was much the same back then except slightly shorter and more well kept, she also wore squared framed glasses as opposed to current oval shaped ones.

[edit] Personality

In comparison to most of her fellow Visoreds she holds a calm demeanor and shows to be one of the ore sensible in the group. She is often stern, secretive and distant. She is easily irritated and has a likening to erotic mangas (Specifically Josei) and is often lending her erotic mangas to other characters such as Love Aikawa and Ichigo Kurosaki (Who denies it). She has a very curious nature, often spying in on the Captains meetings when she was a Shinigami of the Gotei 13. Despite her distant personality she does seem to care about the other Visoreds, shown primarily when she warned Kensei before going into battle with a hollowfied Ichigo. When she was with Kyōraku, she was shown to have a playful side to her as well, her and Shunsui were close and showed mutual advances to one another. Kyōraku missed Lisa after she left Soul Society to the extent of his next Lieutenant looking like her.

[edit] Abilities

Lisa is an expert in battling with her Zanpakutō, and being a Vizard she can use Hollow's abilities as well. Not much else is known about her fighting abilities, as she has only been shown in battle once, for a brief period of time.

[edit] History

Lisa was the Vice-Captain of the 8th Squad, working under Shunsui Kyōraku, until she along with all the other Vizard got banished to the real world by the Gotei 13 as Aizen had hollowfied them for an experiment, but the Gotei 13 thought that they had gained hollow powers on their own accord.

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