Kukaku Shiba

Kukaku Shiba is the elder sister of Kaien Shiba (deceased) and Ganju Shiba, and is a close friend of Yuruichi Shihōin and Kisuke Urahara.

Kukaku Shiba
AbilitiesHas high Spirit energy
(not much else is known)
OccupationLives in Rukongai
First AppearanceAnime: Episode 23
Manga: Chapter 78


[edit] Appearance

Kukaku is a slim big-breasted women with black hair and wears a red vest top with the Shiba Clan's crest and has what looks like bandages on her head and right arm. It is also thought that her right arm is fake, as you can clearly see where her elbow attaches to her upper arm.

[edit] Personality

Kukaku is a rash, hot-headed women with a short temper, she gets irritated with her brother Ganju a lot and has to discipline him. She is also very smart as she has great knowledge of the Soul Society.

She is a close friend of Yuruichi Shihōin and Kisuke Urahara, and only drops her tough act when she speaks to or about them.

[edit] Abilities

Kukaku is a member of the great Shiba clan, and therefore naturally has vast spiritual pressure. She appears to be an expert at controlling her Spiritual energy and therefore is very good at Kidou. She also is an expert in fireworks as this is also another of the Shiba clan's specialities.

[edit] History

Nothing is known about Kukaku's past, only that she was close friends with Urahara Kisuke and Yuruichi Shihōin before they became Shinigami.

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