Kon's Appearance

Kon is a character in the anime and manga series, Bleach.

[edit] First Appearance

Kon makes his first appearance in chapter thirteen of the manga and episode six of the anime. He is also the first modified soul to appear in the series. Kon is first mistakenly placed inside Ichigo Kurosaki's body while Ichigo is a Soul Reaper, wherein he runs havoc with his ability of speed and agility, due to him being a modified soul. He shows anger and vengeance, though in only a mean spirited manner, to those who approach him. When Ichigo and Rukia Kuchiki confront him on this, he reasons that he is the last Modsoul left, after witnessing all of his comrades put to death by the Soul Reapers. For this reason, he hates them. Eventually, he realizes that this is not a good way to live, though still refuses to give Ichigo his body back. This culminates to a fight between Ichigo and Kon, with Ichigo being the victor. Rukia then places a disgruntled Kon into a lion plushie toy. At first, he hates it. Then, after realizing that females will clutch him and that his options are either that or death, he begins to take pride in his "sexy body". During his first appearance, he doesn't seem to fond of Ichigo's sister because she puts him in a dress, but then he started to like her once she gave him a bath, for obvious reasons, because he is a sick minded pervert.

[edit] Character Progression

As the series progresses, he acts as comedic relief. Gravitating towards Orihime Inoue due to her large breasts and constantly being berated because of it. He runs to Rukia for protection. He takes control of Ichigo's body when the Soul Reaper is away, using it to his own perverted intentions.

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