Mist Wind
DebutEpisode 265
Appears inAnimé only

Kirikaze (霧風, Mist Wind) is the last Tōjū to appear in the animé exclusive arc, Season 14: Beast Swords.

[edit] Appearance


Kirikaze resembles a beast similar in stature to an ogre, he is tall, muscular, and green skinned. He has two horns that protrude from his temples, red eyes and a golden ring though his nose. He wears navy trousers and a red belt around his waist, fastened by a golden buckle. On his hands are elbow length gloves and also wears armored boots, while at the same time he has tough shoulder pads that each home a long collar, both shoulder pads are connected via a strap, secured by a golden buckle. His weapon is that of an ordinary katana, except is proportional to his own size. The end of the blade is slightly ridged.

[edit] Personality

When he was a Zanpakutō his master kept him under control. Now a Tōjū can have as much power as he desires. Kazeshini notes that Kirikaze had a "bone to pick" with his master, who is unknown.

[edit] Powers & Abilities

  • Spiritual Power: Kirikaze has a phenomenal spiritual power, after having absorbed the Reiryoku of many other Tōjū.
  • Rieryoku Absorption: Kirikaze has the ability to absorb Spritual Power from other beings and add it to his own
  • Mist Transformation: Kirikaze can transform into mist to surprise his opponent, to capture prey and dodge attacks. However it need a significant amount of Spiritual power, after being weakened he was no longer able to use this ability.
  • Wind Generation: When in his mist form he can produce a short, sharp mist that is powerful enough to lift most human sized foes.
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