Kensei Muguruma

Kensei Muguruma
Shikai Release"Blow it away, Tachikaze!"
BankaiTekken Tachikaze
Current OccupationVizard
Previous OccupationCaptain of the 9th Squad
First AppearanceAnime: Episode 122
Manga: Chapter 214


[edit] Appearance

As a Shinigami, Kensei wore regular Shinigami robes except with short sleeves, and a captain's jacket. He also has a "69" tattoo on his chest. He has silver-ish hair and is very muscular compaired to the other Vizard.

As a Vizard, he wears a dark purple vest top with gray trousers, and orange gloves on both his hands.

[edit] Personality

Kensei is very short tempered person and gets angry at people that like to joke about stuff, and also hates people who complain all the time. Despite all this, he is also very smart and knows about lots of stuff which is understandable since he was once a Captain.

[edit] Abilities

Kensei is a Vizard, therefore has both Shinigami and Hollow powers. So far only his Zanpakutō Shikai Release has been shown, his Bankai is unknown. When he wears his Hollow mask he gains unimaginable bursts of strength and speed.

He most likely also can use all the basic Shinigami abilities like Flash Step and Kidou, but he hasn't been shown in battle as a Vizard so not much is known.

[edit] History

Kensei was once the Captain of the Gotei 13's 9th Squad, and had Mashiro Kuna as his Vice-Captain. Kaname Tousen was also one of his Subordinates, but he betrayed him and Kensei along with all the other Vizard were banished to the real world because Aizen used them as experiments and hollowfied them. However the Gotei 13 never knew this and thought that they gained hollow powers on their own accord.

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