Kenpachi Zaraki

Kenpachi Zaraki
Kenpachi Zaraki.jpg
BirthdayNovember 19th
ZanpakutoName Unknown
Japanese NameFumihiko Tachiki
BankaiCurrently Unknown
OccupationCaptain of the 11th Division
SubordinateYachiru Kusajishi (Lieutenant)


[edit] Appearance

Kenpachi is a tall, aggressive, somewhat barbaric looking man whose hair is styled into spikes with bells on their tips (these are later removed permanently). His captain jacket (which he obtained by killing the former 11th Division Captain) has a rather ragged look, and he wears an eye patch specially developed by the 12th Division to drastically suppress his spirit force. This is to give weak opponents a fighting chance in order to lengthen the battle.

[edit] Personality

Kenpachi is often described as being savage and presumptuous by his peers, although this is portrayed in a comical way. He usually maintains an insensate, cavalier attitude towards his peers and underlings alike. Nevertheless, he does have the best interest of Soul Society at heart, though fighting its enemies is predominantly for his own self-gratification. Having experienced the loneliness and pain of being nameless, Kenpachi often becomes emotional when discussing such topics, and is distraught over having a nameless zanpakutō. It is evident that he cherishes his name as well as his lieutenant Yachiru Kusajishi, who is the first of very few he's had any sort of close relationship with for a long time. Having devoted much of his life to it, Kenpachi's passion is battle, hence his surname "Kenpachi", the name given by the Gotei 13 to the person who has killed the most people. His enthusiasm for combat has extrapolated to his division, which has also earned the title of the strongest division in the Gotei 13 since Kenpachi became it's captain. He revels in the thrills of fighting to such an extent that he would go to outrageous measures just to savor the moments. Despite being an exceptional swordsman, he fights with no real strategy, and usually takes a simple-minded approach to defeating a difficult opponent. However, his strong warrior's intuition makes up for his lacking intelligence, and his barbaric nature proves to be very intimidating even to the strongest enemies.

[edit] Abilities

Zaraki displays great swordsmanship, but he tends to fight without any strategy, avoiding any kind or reasoning or complex problem solving. Although he may be a captain, Zaraki doesn't seem to have any basic soul reaper skills (or more likely refuses to use them), such the use of kidou and shunpo (lit. "flash step"), a common technique used by high level soul reapers.

[edit] History

Kenpachi's last name originated from the area he once lived in, Zaraki, which is the 80th district in the North Alley of Rukongai, known as the most notorious region. In that time period, he was nameless. Though the details of his background are currently unknown, it is apparent that the majority of his life until now has been one of chaos and bloodshed, which isn't surprising having lived in the virtually lawless region of Rukongai. From the little that is revealed about his background, Kenpachi spent much of his life as a nameless vagrant who devoted much of his time to fighting. Ruthless battling became a way of life for him, an escape from his dreary reality. During his travels throughout the Rukon districts, Kenpachi encountered a little nameless girl who came from the 79th District, Kusajishi. He had just finished slaughtering a group of thugs, and squatted down on a nearby rock when the little pink-haired girl crawled to him, giggling as if completely oblivious to her surroundings. Peculiarly enough, the girl showed no fear of Kenpachi, going so far as to touch his blood stained sword and smudge some of the blood off of it, all while still giggling. Astonished by her dauntlessness (which may have also been largely ignorance at the time), Kenpachi inquired of the girl for her name, to which he received no answer. Empathizing with the girl, he decided to name her Yachiru, after the one (currently unidentified) person he admired the most. He also decided to call himself Zaraki, after his home district. From then on, he assumed guardianship of Yachiru, who usually rides on his shoulder.

Later on, encountered Yumichika Ayasegawa and Ikkaku Madarame, who challenged him to a fight. Kenpachi defeated Ikkaku, and Ikkaku as well as Yumichika vowed to serve under him henceforth, though they didn't actually do so until after they became shinigami. Some time later, he made his way into Seireitei, where he fought and killed the former 11th Division captain, taking his position in the Gotei 13. Yachiru would become his lieutenant, while Ikkaku and Yumichika became his 3rd and 5th Seat, respectively.

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