Karin Kurosaki

Karin Kurosaki
First AppearanceAnime: Episode 1
Manga: Chapter 1


[edit] Appearance

Karin has short black hair, and occasionally wears a red baseball cap with a t-shirt and shorts.

[edit] Personality

Karin's personality is much like Ichigo's. She can get irritated easily, mainly with her father, much like Ichigo.

[edit] Abilities

Karin has the ability to see ghosts and spirits. As time passes it is revealed she can see hollows and Shinigami, and she also knows that her brother is a Shinigami.

[edit] Biography

Karin Kurosaki is one of Ichigo Kurosaki's younger sisters, the other being Yuzu Kurosaki. Unlike Yuzu, Karin can see Ghosts and spirits, and even hollows. She also knows that her brother is a Shinigami, and worries about him when he goes to the Vizard in order to learn to surpress his inner hollow without saying a word.

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