Kaien Shiba

Kaien Shiba was the Vice-Captain of Squad 13 until he got possessed by a Hollow and then stabbed by Rukia in order to put him to rest. It was later revealed that the 9th Espada, Aaroniero Arruruerie, had eaten the hollow that was possessing Kaiens body, therefore he could use Kaien's appearance whenever he wanted.

Kaien Shiba
Shikai Release"Rankle the Seas and the Skies, Nejibana!"
Previous Shinigami RankVice-Captain of the 13th Division
First AppearanceAnime: Episode 48
Manga: Chapter 133


[edit] Appearance

Posessed Kaien

Kaien Shiba bares an unusual striking resemblence to Ichigo Kurosaki, except his hair is slightly longer, and it is purple in colour. Kaien wore regular shinigami robes and a Vice-Captain's badge on his arm. He also had the Shiba Clan crest tattoed onto his arm.

When the Hollow took over Kaien's body, his appearance changed. His skin turned green, and his eyes looked hollow with a thick orange rim, and his hair became darker in colour.

[edit] Personality

Kaien had a personality somewhat like that of Ichigo's. He was stubborn and liked to tease Rukia occasionally, but most of all he was a hard worker who loved his job as a Shinigami and fought hard to protect his fellow Shinigami and friends. He also was a proud Shinigami who had lots of pride. He demonstrates this by going in to fight the Hollow that killed his wife, and his fellow Shinigami, alone. However sadly he failed, and got posessed himself as a result.

[edit] Abilities

Kaien has all the abilities of any Shinigami. He can use Kidou, hand-to-hand combat, but most of all he was best at fighting with his Zanpakutō, Nejibana. His Shikai release turns his Zanpakutō into a Forked Spear, with a blue sash round the top. His Zanpakutō is a water-typed one, and as a result can control water. His release command for his Shikai is "Rankle the Seas and the Skies, Nejibana!".

[edit] History

Kaien Shiba was once the 13th Division's Vice-Captain, working under Captain Ukitake, until one day, his wife came back from an S-Rank mission, and was mysteriously going around killing members of the Squad. Kaien, Rukia and Ukitake went after her, but then found out that she was actually being posessed by a hollow, and that it had eaten her from the inside-out. To avenge his fallen comrades, and his beloved wife, Kaien got permission from Captain Ukitake to go fight the Hollow alone, but by doing so his Zanpakutō got destroyed, and then he himself was posessed by the hollow. Captain Ukitake then tells Rukia to run, and Ukitake takes on the hollow. But Rukia returns to the battlefield, and the posessed Kaien charges at her, and without thinking, Rukia stabs him. On his last breath, Kaien returns to his former-self, and thanks Rukia for letting him rest in peace, and then he dies.

[edit] Powers & Abilities

[edit] Zanpakutō

Nejibana as used by Noveno Espada, Aaroniero Arruruerie

Nejibana (lit. Twisted Flower In the English Manga): Resembles that of an ordinary Katana was a rectangular cross-guard with rounded edges, and a dark blue hilt.

  • Shikai: The release command for Kaien's Zanpakutō is "Rankle the Seas and the Skies" (suiten sakamake). To begin with Kaien holds the Katana upside down and begins to spin it, it starts to glow and when the spinning stops, the Zanpakutō resembles a cross between a Trident and a 'Ji', with a crystal like glow and appearance to it. Much like the 'Ji' it holds a horsehair tassel even though it's blue compared to the traditionally coloured red. Both sides of the blades are straight with concave blades, again which is a differentiation from the traditional crescent blades. The end of Nejibana appears are a drill/corkscrew shape. Because Nejibana is a Water Type Zanpakutō water freely moves around and from the trident located at the end of the katana.
    • Shikai Special Ability: Nejibana's power lies within it's ability to manipulate water (Due to being a Water-Type Zanpakutō). It's said when hit with it makes the foe feel as if they are being hit by the force of crashing waves, as water is constantly flowing through and around the Trident. Nejibana's tip is always flowing with water and being slashed by it, with every arc and blow creates large waves
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