Kōga Kuchiki

Kōga Kuchiki
Previous AffiliationsMuramasa
Ginrei Kuchiki
DebutEpisode 248
Appears inAnimé only
SeiyūIsshin Chiba

Kōga Kuchiki is a shinigami and the final antagonist in the anime exclusive arc Zanpakutō Unknown Tales. He's an adopted member of Kuchiki family after marrying into it. Formerly a seated officer of the 6th Division, he once revolted against Seireitei after being falsely accused of murdering his fellow shinigami.

[edit] Appearance

Kōga is a tall shinigami with a lean and muscular build. He has green eyes, jet black hair with a red braided ponytail and bangs on the right side of his face framing it. When he was a seated officer in Seireitei he wore the standard shinigami uniform with the addition of a long red scarf, a light purple obi sash and a breaded necklace. To display his status in the Kuchiki clan he wore an intricate white Kenseikan to the left of his head, with red tufts of hair running through the middle. He later cut this off to rectify his rebellion and release from the Kuchiki family. After many years of being entombed his appearance now is of an older, withered version of his former self.

[edit] Personality

Kōga, like others in the Kuchiki family, was a prideful person with a strong sense of justice. Gifted with extraordinary powers, he often charged straight into battle for the sake of maintaining order.

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