DebutEpisode 259
ShinigamiHanatarō Yamada

Hisagomaru is the manifested state of Hanatarō Yamada's Zanpakutō. He appears in the animé exclusive Beast Swords Arc.


[edit] Appearance

Hisagomaru takes on the form of a small tin-can robot toy. He has a cylinder body from which he has two arms and legs, each with there appropriate hands and feet, both of which are flat and rectangular. His head is a perfect sphere shape with one normal eye and the other being a gauge that fills up as he heals people. When using his Shikai Special Ability his chest opens and reveals a large cannon.

[edit] Personality

Much like his Shinigami, he is very timid and insecure. However unlike the other manifested Zanpakutō, he holds no grudge against Hanatarō and does not have any personal desires. However he differs from his master because he can over come fear to help those in need when the time calls for it.

[edit] Synopsis

Hisagomaru was manifested at the same time the other Zanpakutō rebelled against there Shinigami but was unable to return to his Katana form. Convinced that Hanatarō had left him he went into the sewers to live a life of recluse. Son after he becomes lonely and starts stealing items from the fourth squads barracks including chickens Hanatarō himself was looking after. Eventually the Gotei 13 decided this needed investigated. So Hanatarō, Ikkaku and Nanao Ise were sent to investigate the situation, along with Hōzukimaru. Soon after they all find Hisagomaru Hanatarō feels like they know each other. Soon after the Sword Fiend appears and over powers the other Shinigami. Hisagomaru then reveals himself as Hanatarō's Zanpakutō and uses his Shikai Special Ability - Akeiro Hisagomaru - to defeat the Beast Sword. Afterward he tells them all about his actions and is happy to hear Hanatarō never abandoned him. However on their way back up to the surface, he gets lost in the tunnels.

[edit] Powers & Abilities

Akeiro Hisagomaru

[edit] Zanpakutō

Hisagomaru can ta any time turn back into his former self, which is a standardised katana with a blue handle and a circular guard. When shikai is activated the blade attains a gauge centered in the blade, if the sword penetrates the skin of the wounded it will heal the person and the gauge will fill up. Whilst this would seem a pointless attack, the higher the gauge is filled, the more damage Akeiro Hisagomaru can cause.

  • Shikai: The release command for his shikai is Fulfill (mitase). When the gauge on the blade becomes full, Hisagomaru transforms into Akeiro Hisagomaru (lit. Crimson-Colored Gourd), upon initiation a huge cannon appears from his chest, to which is fires upon the command Infuse (sasogi)
    • Shikai Special Ability: Aseigo Hisagomaru concentrates the energy from the wounds it heals into on spot and creates a destructive red beam of energy, powerful enough to beat a Tōjū.
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