A Disambiguation Page on this wiki links is a "hub" page for phrases or terms that relate to more than one page. For example the term Zangetsu may refer the the spiritual manifestation as seen during the Zanpakuto Unknown Tales Arc, or it may refer to the page detailing his powers and abilities. These pages can also be used to help users navigate pages with similar information on a topic that are scattered across several different pages.

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[edit] Marking a Page as a Disambiguation

Marking a page as such is simple, all you have to do is enter the following syntax:


at the bottom of the page.

[edit] How is a Disambigation page layed out?

Usually a Disambigation page is as follows;

[[Link to main page of title ex. water type|PAGENAME]] is/are/one a/of the/an WHAT IT NORMALLY IS KNOWN AS.
It may also refer to:

*[[Something]] - WHAT THAT IS
*[[Something]] - WHAT THAT IS
*[[Something]] - WHAT THAT IS


[edit] Example

Spoiler: Zangetsu