Grimmjow Jaegerjaques

Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez
Release CommandGrind
Arrancar rank6th Espada
First AppearanceChapter 198 Manga
Episode 121 Anime

Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez is the Sexta Espada, which means he is the sixth most powerful arrancar in Sosuke Aizen's army. He is the first arrancar to be revealed as an Espada(although Ulquiorra and Yammy are the first two shown, but they aren't revealed to be Espada until later in the anime and manga). He is first shown in Hueco Mundo in a meeting with Aizen and fellow arrancars. Grimmjow is the most outgoing, ill-mannered arrancar of the Espada and is quick to threaten or assault those who badmouth him regardless of who they are. He holds a grudge primarily against Ichigo and also against Ulquiorra Schiffer, a fellow Espada.


[edit] Appearance

Grimmjow has light blue hair and blue eyes with green markings like those of Ikkaku Madarame. Grimmjow wears a white hakama with a black sash and a white jacket with an upturned collar with black inner lining, which he wears open with the sleeves rolled up, revealing his chest and torso. The remainder of his jawbone like hollow mask is on his right cheek, and his hollow hole is in his abdomen. He has a number 6 tattoo on his back to the upper right of his hollow hole to represent his rank and ability. In his resurrección, Pantera, Grimmjow takes on a more feline and predatory appearance, such as sharp jagged teeth, paws with claws for feet and hands, and a tail. His hair becomes spikier and extends to his lower back. The green markings at the ends of his eyes extend to his ears. Also, unlike most arrancar, his hollow mask completely disappears and is replaced with a crown looking accessory on his forehead.

[edit] Personality

Grimmjow may just seem like a laid back, impertinent person, but under his shabby appearance hides a belligerent, dreadfully violent personality with a dangerously short temper. Grimmjow is aggressive, insolent, and vicious, wearing an sadistic grin on his face when fighting, much like Kenpachi Zaraki and Ichigo's inner hollow. Grimmjow likes to say what's on his mind, regardless of if it's appropriate or outright disrespectful.

His nonchalance to rules and ethics leads him to conflicts with Tousen Kaname, who believes he has no sense of justice, and Ulquiorra Shiffer, who tends to interrupt his fights. He has also developed a grudge against Ichigo for scarring his chest the first time they fought.

[edit] Plot Synopsis

[edit] Arrancar Arc

Ulquiorra, who had recently analyzed Ichigo's fight with Yammy, concluded in a report to Aizen that Ichigo's powers were becoming increasingly turbulent and would eventually destroy him. Grimmjow vehemently argued that Ichigo would overcome this weakness and become substantially more powerful as a result if left alive. Aizen, however, agreed with Ulquiorra and simply dismissed the issue. Taking matters into his own hands, Grimmjow, along with his subordinates Shawlong Qufang, Edorad Leones, Yylfordt Granz, Di Roy, and Nakim, went into the real world. While his Fracción were fighting Renji, Toshiro, Ikkaku, and Rangiku, Grimmjow went after Ichigo, who he sensed had the greatest spiritual pressure. Rukia, realizing how powerful Grimmjow was, quickly pleaded with Ichigo to retreat, but found herself hastily defeated when Grimmjow swiftly stabbed her with his bare hand. Angered, Ichigo struck Grimmjow, but proved ineffective as Grimmjow knocked Ichigo back with ease using nothing but his spirit force. Even after Ichigo released his bankai, Grimmjow was more than a match for him, using only his bare hands to fight. After Ichigo caught Grimmjow off-guard by firing a Getsuga Tenshou at him, Grimmjow prepared to unsheathe his zanpakutou, but was stopped by Tousen, who ordered him to return to Hueco Mundo. Upon his return, Grimmjow stood before Aizen, who questioned his motives for going to Karakura Town without his consent. Though he claimed it was simply to eliminate any threats to Aizen, Tousen accused him of creating injustice since Grimmjow lost all of his Fracción in the incident. Grimmjow became angry and threatened to attack Tousen, but Tousen quickly retaliated by slicing off his left arm and incinerating it. Having lost an arm, Grimmjow was also stripped of his rank and title as an Espada, and so Luppi took over his position as the sixth Espada.

Following Grimmjow's demotion, Aizen sent Luppi, Ulquiorra, Wonderweiss, and Yammy to Karakura Town on a mission to kidnap Orihime. Intent on revenge, Grimmjow decided to join them and quickly proceeded to pursue Ichigo. Upon their confrontation, Ichigo activated his bankai and (much to Grimmjow's dismay) formed his hollow mask. Grimmjow was overwhelmed by Ichigo's new found hollow powers and found himself on the verge of defeat, only for Ichigo's mask to suddenly shatter. Realizing that Ichigo's hollow powers had expired, Grimmjow brutally assaulted Ichigo and then prepared to kill him with a cero, but was interrupted by Rukia. Frustrated, Grimmjow charged after Rukia but was once again interrupted, this time by Shinji. Shinji and Grimmjow began to fight on par with one another until Shinji donned his hollow mask, which shifted the battle to his favor. Firing a powerful cero, Shinji sent Grimmjow plummeting into the ground. Grimmjow prepared to charge once again in a flash of rage, only to be stopped by Ulquiorra, who informed him that their mission was complete and that it was time for them to return to Hueco Mundo.

Upon their return, Aizen forced Orihime to display her powers of rejection by restoring Grimmjow's left arm. Immediately afterwards, Grimmjow impaled Luppi with his newly restored arm, thus reinstating him as the Sexta Espada.

[edit] Hueco Mundo Arc

Grimmjow, desiring to fight, kidnapped Orihime from her cell and carried her to a half dead Ichigo, who fought Ulquiorra earlier. Grimmjow released her only on the condition that she resuscitates Ichigo so that he and Grimmjow can finally finish their duel. After Ichigo fully recovered, he and Grimmjow moved to another location and began their fight. Grimmjow maintained the upper hand early on in the fight, though Ichigo held his own. Deciding that Ichigo "was not at the level he wants to fight him," Grimmjow fired a Gran Rey Cero (lit. Spanish: Grand King Zero; Japanese: Royal Hollow Flash), the strongest cero used only by Espada, aimed at Orihime. Ichigo quickly donned his hollow mask and canceled the blast, thus prompting Grimmjow to release his zanpakutou. Shortly after his resurrección, Grimmjow let out a excruciating roar which caused wild shockwaves, temporarily stunning Ichigo. Demonstrating a substantial increase in speed, Grimmjow began his onslaught on Ichigo. The duel dragged on as both contenders fought tirelessly, ignoring all wounds cast on each other. When it seemed that Grimmjow would once again become victorious, Ichigo, resolved to win the fight, dealt Grimmjow a devastating blow which made it as though Ichigo had defeated him. However, Grimmjow, completely disregarding his wounds, charged Ichigo and began attacking him relentlessly, stating that he was "king" and that he'll defeat anyone regardless of if he/she is human, soul reaper, or arrancar. Determined to end the fight, Grimmjow unleashed his strongest technique he calls Desgarrón (lit. Spanish: rip, tear; Japanese: panther king claws). To his dismay, Ichigo overpowered Grimmjow's attack and stabbed Grimmjow through, which severely weakened him. Grimmjow's resurrección sealed itself back into the form of a zanpakuto, thus reverting Grimmjow back into his humanoid arrancar form. Refusing to concede his defeat, Grimmjow desperately charged at Ichigo in a rage, only to be unexpectedly knocked down by Nnoitra. Nnoitra attempted to kill Grimmjow, but Ichigo intervened and protected him.

Currently, Grimmjow's status and whereabouts are unknown.

[edit] History

Grimmjow in his original Adjuchas form

Like all of the other arrancar, Grimmjow was originally a hollow. Trying to satisfying a perpetual, voracious appetite for other souls, Grimmjow spent most, if not all of his time fighting and consuming other hollow. In doing so, he quickly became a gillian and then ascended to an adjuchas, the second strongest class of menos hollows. As an adjuchas, Grimmjow's form is that of a panther (which is why in resurrecion Grimmjow resembles a panther). Continuing on his path of fighting and consuming other hollows, he eventually ran into Di Roy, Shawlong, Edorad, Yylfordt, and Nakim, who were adjuchas as well (with the exception of Nakim) at the time before becoming arrancars. In the encounter, Di Roy initially provoked Grimmjow, who swiftly retaliated by striking him and then a few of the others. Shawlong and the rest of the group recognized Grimmjow's strength and invited him to travel with them as their "king." Grimmjow agreed to their proposition and traveled with them, consuming 3000 hollows in their time spent. Shawlong and his companions realized that their evolution must have come to an end, having not gained any power after feasting on their 3000th hollow. They collectively elected that Grimmjow should eat them so that they could advance to Vasto Lorde as a part of him. Though Grimmjow agreed, future events suggest otherwise, seeing how they all became arrancar and Grimmjow's Fraccion.

[edit] Abilities

See Hollows

Grimmjow is the sixth Espada, therefore making him the sixth most powerful arrancar in Aizen's army. He has no unique abilities other than those in his released state, however he does make regular use of generic hollow techniques.

  • Cero: A commonly red colored blast of concentrated spiritual power which Grimmjow fires from the palm of his hand.
  • Bala: Significantly weaker than the cero, but travels several times faster.
  • Gran Rey Cero: A blue colored, much more powerful variation of cero exclusive to Espada in which the user's blood is mixed with their spiritual power. Thus far, Grimmjow is the only one shown using this technique.
  • Sonído: A high-speed movement technique comparable to the soul reaper's "flash step." Grimmjow was easily keep up with Ichigo's high speed movement in bankai using Sonído in his unreleased state.
  • Hand to Hand: Grimmjow is quite proficient at hand-to-hand combat, defeating Ichigo in bankai twice with his bare hands and fighting on par with Ulquiorra, who is two ranks above him.
  • Expert Swordsmanship: Grimmjow has displayed exceptional swordsmanship skills, though there is no actual style or technique to it. Like Kenpachi Zaraki, he fights wielding his sword with only one hand.

[edit] Resurrección

Grimmjow using Desgarrón

Like a soul reaper, Grimmjow possesses a zanpakutō which is called Pantera (lit. panther; Japanese: "panther king"). Its guard resembles a crooked "S" and the handle and sheath are light blue. The release command for his zanpakutō is grind (kishire), referring to grinding one's teeth. In his resurrección, Grimmjow's speed and agility are substantially increased. He gains thick skin that covers almost his whole body which can repel attacks from even sharp objects such as swords. He also has very sharp feline claws which can tear even the toughest materials. Additionally, he can fire spikes from his elbow which have incredible destructive force capable of demolishing giant pillars.

Grimmjow's strongest, deadliest technique is called Desgarrón (lit. rip, tear; Japanese: "panther king claws"). In the technique, he forms large claws with his spiritual power from his fingertips and throws them at his opponent.

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