Grand Fisher

Grand Fisher
Grand Fisher.jpg
Gurando Fisshā
RaceArrancar, Hollows
Affiliated withNone
Debut (Manga)Volume 3, Chapter 18
Debut (Anime)Episode 2
English Voice ActorPaul St. Peter

Grand Fisher (Gurando Fisshā) is a hollow that has evaded the capture from Shinigami for 54 years. He is also the hollow that killed Ichigo Kurosaki's mother, Masaki.

[edit] History

Grand Fisher is an Arrancar that has evaded capture from Shinigami for little over 54 years, and Soul Society have had extensive debates about this one particular, and rather infamous, Hollow. Six years prior to the start of the story, Grand Fisher was staying at a swollen river in Karakura Town and used his lure that just so happened to appear before Masaki and a young Ichigo on their way back from a Karate lesson. Ichigo saw this lure and went after it, in an attempt to save the lure. Masaki, scared that Ichigo was going to fall in the river ran after him in a desperate bid to save his life. In doing so she was killed by the Grand Fisher.

[edit] Appearance

Grand Ficher resembles that of an over sized hamster with bird like hands and feet as well as an esca (or lure) that protrudes from his head much like a tentacle. The lure is that size of the average human and can resemble whatever the Grand Fisher wishes it to, but usually opts for the look of a young girl. Although part of the Hollow it can ct independently of it's master, and as long as it or the Grand Fisher are still alive, he cannot be purified and sent to Soul Society.

In his Arrancar form he's physical shape becomes more humanoid and smaller, with the same tattooed face. The remnant of his mask (that all Arrancar have) is his entire lower jaw, obscuring the latter part of his face.

However, with his second appearance in the Human world his appearance is drastically changed. His entire mask has been left unbroken with the other half resting on his forehead. He was covered in fur, he grew several times larger than he originally was and his hollow hole is located further up his body than where it was previously. He, like Ichigo, carries his Zanpakuto on his back. However, these drastic changes in appearance have yet to be explained.

[edit] Powers and Abilities

===Arrancar Form==In this form,he is as strong as hell.

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