Kisuke Urahara opening a Garganta
Garganta is the method Hollows and Arrancar use to travel to and from Hueco Mundo. It literally rips the fabric diving the worlds and creates a tunnel or whirling, torrential energy that, in order to use the Garganta, must be focused on and used to form a pathway beneath the users feet. Primarily used by the Arrancar, Shinigami have been known to use it, and open them. Such a case was when Urahara opened a Garganta to allow Ichigo to travel to Hueco Mundo and save Orihime. Another use has been shown for the Garganta other than to use them for travelling, which has only been shown once, this is called Garganta Broadcast which is a broadcast which project and image using individual Garganta Particles. The only person
Espada-Level Hollow Opening a Garganta
shown using this method was Ulquiorra Cifer when showing what trouble Ichigo, Tōshirō Hitsugaya and Rangiku Matsumoto where in during their respective fights against Grimmjow and his Fraccion. It is unknown is 3 was his limit or if he could create as many as he wanted.

All Menos Class Hollow are able to use the Garganta at will. For the most part the Garganta is seen with a distinctive jagged edge when used by the Espada and Fraccion but in the case of the Menos-Grande that appeared at the top of Sōkyoku Hill to take away Aizen, it appeared to have smoother edges, much like the one made by Urahara.

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