Ganju Shiba

Ganju Shiba
AbilitiesStone Wave (Seppa)
OccupationLives and "works" for his sister, Kukaku Shiba.
First AppearanceAnime: Episode 22
Manga: Chapter 76


[edit] Appearance

Ganju is a large, muscular man who has black-ish hair and normally wears a green bandana and his own custom "battle costume" with the Shiba Clan's crest on his trousers. He is seen riding around on his boar named "Bonnie" from time to time, as a means of transport.

[edit] Personality

Ganju has a big ego, and also a huge hatred of Shinigami. He has a short temper and tends to argue an awful lot with Ichigo about the slightest little things. Despite this however, he does have a soft side, as he never goes against what his sister says, or else she normally punishes him by hitting him.

[edit] Abilities

Ganju is a member of the Shiba Clan, and therefore has a good amount of Spiritual Pressure even though he is not a Shinigami. He is able to use various explosions and other fire-powered weapons which are also Specialities of the Shiba Clan, and he is able to use a power known as Stone Wave (Seppa) in which he can turn anything infront of him into sand.

[edit] History

Ganju's older brother, Kaien Shiba was killed by a Shinigami (Rukia Kuchiki), and he saw the Shinigami bring back his brother's corpse when he was just a kid. This event had caused Ganju to hate Shinigami his whole life, but after Ichigo saves Rukia from being executed, Ganju later changes his mind about Shinigami, as Rukia finally apologizes for what happened to Kaien Shiba.

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