Di Roy Linker

Di Roy Linker
Release CommandUnknown
Arrancar Rank16th Arrancar
Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez' Fracción
First AppearanceAnime: Episode 116
Manga: Chapter 25


[edit] Appearence

Di Roy is a dark blonde-haired Arrancar with teeth that resemble those of a Shark. Di Roy's hollow mask remains look like some sort of helmet, with bandages on the right side covering up an injury. His hollow hole is in the center of his chest, and he wears the regular white robes that Aizen's Arrancar wear.

[edit] Personality

Di Roy acts tougher than he looks, as he threatens his enemies despite the fact that he couldn't carry out most of his threats like when he was battling Rukia, and as a result he was defeated easily. The other fraccion of Grimmjow say that he is a weakling, and he had to beg to go with them to the real world.

[edit] Abilities

Di Roy was defeated easily in battle by Rukia Kuchiki, and as a result he never had a chance to show off any of his powers.

[edit] History

Di Roy used to travel around with a group of Hollows hoping to one day become Vasto Lorde by eating as many hollows as possible, and later they ran into Grimmjow, and seeing his strength, they accepted him as their "King". All of these hollows became Grimmjow's fraccion once he became an Espada.

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