Coyote Starrk

ResurrecciónLos Lobos
Release CommandKick
Arrancar rankNo.1 (Espada)
FracciónLilynette Gingerback
SeiyūRikiya Koyama
First AppearanceManga: Vol. 26, Chapter 229
Anime: Episode 138

Coyote Starrk (initially incorrectly romanized Stark) is the Primera Espada ("primary" or "first" Espada) in Sōsuke Aizen's army of arrancar. He has only one fracción, an adolescent female called Lilynette.


[edit] Appearance

Starrk appears as a middle aged man with brown, messy, long hair, blue eyes, and a stubble on his chin. He wears a white attire common to arrancar consisting of an overcoat with an upturned collar, a hakama, and a black sash tied around his waist. Similar to Aaroniero Arruruerie, Starrk wears a pair of white gloves, concealing his number "1" tattoo on his left hand. The remainder of his hollow mask, the bottom portion of a jaw with teeth, is positioned like a necklace, and his hollow hole is located directly below it in his sternum. He carries his zanpakutō normally by his left hip and held in place by his sash.

[edit] Personality

Starrk is generally laid-back, lazy, and maintains an indifferent attitude towards his surroundings, which is evident when he is sleeping after he and the other Espada learned of Aaroniero's death. Lilynette frequently chastises him for his bad habits, though her violent tendencies are usually counterproductive. Showing no enthusiasm or initiative, the role of leading the arrancars is assumed by Barragan Luisenbarn. He seems to be uninterested in combat, and will attempt to talk his way out of a fight, as he did against Shunsui Kyōraku. Starrk's slothful behavior is noticeable even in his combat style, as he refrained from fighting Shunsui at full strength even when asked. However, if provoked, his personality makes an about-face, becoming much more serious and focused. Moreover, Starrk has shown to be quite analytical; accurately observing Shunsui's ambidexterity and then one of Jūshirō Ukitake's zanpakutō's key abilities.

In resurrección form, Starrk's personality seems to fluctuate again, taking on some of Lilynette's traits such as being loud and overbearing. He also becomes peevish, evident from when he argued with Lilynette after he hit her against his head. His combat style also changes, though largely in response to Shunsui's increasingly forceful attacks, giving no leeway to his opponents whatever the circumstance.

[edit] Plot Synopsis

Starrk revealing himself as the Primera Espada

Starrk makes periodic, however very brief, appearances in the Bleach manga and anime early on from when he initially debuts. The first time he is seen interacting with another character is in a scene shortly following Aaroniero Arruruerie's death. Following his usual indolent habits, Starrk is dozing off which is abruptly ended by Lilynette's hand being forced down his throat. Ignoring her unduly wake up call, Starrk slumps over hoping to catch some more sleep, though his efforts are in vain as Lilynette jumps on top of him and violently gropes his groin. Finally acquiring his undivided attention, Lilynette reminds Starrk of the situation, which he showed little concern for.

His next appearance is even shorter than the last as he is seen unexpectedly appearing before Orihime Inoue and (however reluctantly) kidnapping her, easily slipping away from Ichigo Kurosaki and Kenpachi Zaraki, who are just over an arms length away.

Afterwards, Starrk is seen once again with his fracción emerging from a Garganta in the artificial Karakura Town along with Barragan Luisenbarn and Tia Hallibel and their fracción, preparing to combat Soul Society's remaining captains and lieutenants. As battles quickly ensued, Starrk found himself matched up with Shunsui Kyōraku, the captain of the 8th Division. Trying to exploit Shunsui's nonchalant personality, Starrk politely suggested that they "pretend to fight" until everyone else is finished. Unfortunately for him, his request was denied, and their fight ensued. Nevertheless, both parties fought haphazardly while fierce battles transpired around them. Their fight gradually intensified as an increasing number of warriors on both sides (though predominantly arrancar) fell. Looking closely at Shunsui's fighting style, Starrk managed to accurately surmise that Shunsui is ambidextrous and that he strikes harder with his left hand. Shunsui also correctly discerned Hallibel as the third Espada, however reluctantly assumed Barragan as the first. Starrk confirmed Shunsui's suspicions as he removed the glove off of his left hand, revealing a number "1" tattoo. Though the potency behind their attacks increased, the fight itself maintained a casual atmosphere as Starrk and Shunsui complemented each other on their techniques and skill. Eventually, Starrk found himself as the only Espada left as Tōshirō Hitsugaya and Soifon defeated Hallibel and Barragan, respectively. An inquisitive Starrk asked Shunsui if all bankai are so powerful, who answered him confidently with an "of course." Starrk continued by asking who's bankai is more powerful between Shunsui's and Hitsugaya's, to which Shunsui replied modestly by saying that currently his is stronger. Finally, Starrk decided that he wanted to see both Shunsui's and Jūshirō's, who was nearby with Lilynette, bankai. Realizing that he had become intent on fighting him to the death, Shunsui tossed his flamboyant haori over to Jūshirō while Starrk strangely sheathed his sword.

Startling Lilynette, Starrk suddenly called her over which perplexed Shunsui and Jūshirō, who wondered what his purpose was with her. Starrk proceeded to explain that he and Lilynette were originally one being, and that in becoming an arrancar their power was split between two bodies rather than a zanpakutō. He continued by saying that in joining together their full power is released, at which moment he placed his hand atop Lilynette's head and then exclaimed "kick, Los Lobos!" triggering their resurrección.

[edit] Abilities

See Hollows

Being the Primera, Starrk is presumably the strongest Espada and therefore the most powerful arrancar in Aizen's army.

  • Sonído Master: Starrk's sonido speed is so fast that it appears as though he has simply teleported, which is especially evident when managed to kidnap Orihime whilst avoiding both Ichigo Kurosaki in bankai and Kenpachi Zaraki and then returning her to Aizen.
  • Cero: Like all hollows of his level Starrk is able to use cero. However, peculiar to him he is able to fire one instantaneously without having to strike a "fighting pose," thus making it difficult to elude or properly defend against.
  • Bala: Though he hasn't been shown using it, Starrk can presumably use bala as it is a generic hollow technique. Though in his case, this technique may as well be obsolete since he is able to fire cero instantaneously.
  • Hierro: Being the Primera Espada, it can be assumed that Starrk has one of the strongest hierro, if not the strongest.
  • Master Swordsmanship: Evident in his fight with Shunsui Kyōraku, Starrk is a very proficient swordsman. Though it is highly unlikely that he received any sort of training, his style of combat is quite elegant and shows remarkable technique.
Starrk in his Resurrección, Los Lobos

[edit] Resurrección

Unlike his counterparts, Starrk's original hollow powers were divided between himself and his fracción Lilynette rather than sealed into a zanpakutō since Starrk and Lilynette were originally one being. Therefore, by fusing with Lilynette, Starrk is able to unleash all of his power. Their combined power is called Los Lobos (Spanish for "the wolves;"), which is released by the command "kick." In resurrección form, Starrk wields two ornamental handguns, one of which is Lilynette (it doesn't seem like the other contains a part of her). His overall appearance drastically changes as well, wearing a fur lined jacket along with a waistcoat underneath, and black skin-tight pants with fur, knee-high leggings. Starrk also has fur covering his arms from the elbow down to his hands on which he has white gloves.

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