Chapter 2 Starter

This is a summary of Chapter 2 of the Bleach Manga.

Chapter 2 appears in Bleach Volume 1.

Title: Starter

[edit] Summary

It is the next day after the Hollow attack on Ichigo's home. Ichigo's family woke up thinking that a car crashed into their house and they had no recollection of the event. Wondering if he was dreaming, Ichigo heads to school. When he walks into the classroom he sees Rukia talking to some of his classmates. Ichigo, now knowing he wasn't dreaming runs over to Rukia, very confused. Rukia then tells Ichigo that she can wipe the memories of something by using a tool developed by the Soul Society. Rukia then explains to Ichigo that she accidentally gave him all of her powers and the Ichigo has to carry out the duties of a Soul Reaper. Ihigo, however refuses. Ichigo explains to Rukia that the only reason he helped her the night before was because his family was in danger. Later that day, Rukia and Ichigo find a ghost in the park. A hollow is about to attack it. Ichigo is starting to run towards the ghost to help him but Rukia tells Ichigo to stop. Rukia then tells Ichigo that it is the Soul Reaper's code to save all ghosts and fight all Hollows in every situation. Rukia said that if Ichigo saves this one then he must save them all. Ichigo agrees and saves the ghost and defeats the Hollow.

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