Chapter 1: Death and the Strawberry

This is a summary of Chapter 1 of the Bleach manga.

Chapter 1 appears in Bleach Volume 1.

Title: Strawberry and the Soul Reapers

[edit] Summary

Enter Ichigo Kurosaki, High School student who lives in Karakura Town. However Ichigo isn't just your average High School student, Ichigo has the ability to see ghosts. Ichigo helps the ghosts of this world. After helping a particular ghost, Ichigo later goes home to, his obnoxious dad, Isshin Kurosaki, and his two younger sisters, Karin and Yuzu. Later that night before Ichigo goes to sleep, a mysterious woman wearing black robes appears in Ichigo's room. After mistaking her for a thief, the black robed woman tells Ichigo that her name is Rukia Kuchiki and that she is a Soul Reaper. Rukia then explains what a Soul Reaper is. Rukia basically tells Ichigo that Soul Reapers protect the world from Hollows. However Ichigo thinks she is lying. Then later that night, Ichigo's family is attacked by a Hollow. Rukia tries to save them but is injured. Rukia then asks Ichigo if she can lend him some of her Soul Reaper powers. Ichigo accepts. When Rukia is done, she realizes she accidentally gave Ichigo all of her powers. Ichigo then defeats the Hollow. The next day all the Kurosakis, except Ichigo, forget what happened the night before and think the damage was just from a car going into their house.

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