Bounts (Baunto) are a group of humans that survive of eating the souls of human pluses (souls), plus Quincy and Shinigami souls get devoured, exponentially increasing their powers and abilities.

Bounts are considered much like the Quincies in many ways, the only main difference between them being that the Bount devour human souls and make them their own. It's this ability that has caused much controversy amongst the human world, and have therefore been dubbed "Vampires". They were created by an accident, long before the main bleach story line starts, by a Shinigami that was once affiliated with Soul Society. A once large tribe, they're numbers are now minimal. Due to their lifestyle and means to survive they do not affiliate themselves with Soul Society or the Human world, and are accepted in neither dimension.


[edit] History

The Bounts were created by the predecessor of the Technological institution - Ran'Tao. She caused an accidental explosion whilst trying to develop a method of eternal life using the slow-aging Shinigami as a base to her experiment. But the experiment crossed with the ether and mixed with the souls of the real world, thus creating a spiritually active human race called the Bounts.

The Bounts were scattered all over the world, never aging past the age of twenty or thirty, and by extension never dying. Because of they're ability to never age, they were outcasts in the human world. Ran'Tao congregated all the Bounts into one centralised caved location where they could live their lives in peace and away from all the people that judged them. She did this with the intent of improving the quality of lives of the ones that have suffered because of her experiment.

However, in Soul Society, with the embarrassment the experiment had caused (and the fact that a tenth of Seretei was destroyed because of the explosion) and because the Bounts posed a threat to everyone, Chamber 46 ordered all Bounts to be exterminated. Soon after Shinigami were dispatched and after much fighting only a handful escaped the battle with their lives. One of these survivors was a young boy that was saved by Ran'Tao herself, she gave the boy a seal and said in his hands, it could be used to unlock the Bounts true power.

After the massacre, the surviving Bounts wandered aimlessly across the world and eventually succumbed to frequent Hollow attacks. During these battles the young boy, who later became known as Eugene, activated the seal and merged with his Doll. Due to being made from a Shinigami base, the doll was the Bount substitute for a Zanpakuto. Using his Doll, Eugene destroyed every hollow that attacked. The survivors eventually found a refuge and started plotting a way to get back into Soul Society and live there, as it was the only place they felt at home. However, as Eugene got older, he became more and more against the idea, telling his comrades that all that awaited for them there was judgement and murder. However, they went to seek help from the Quincies and after a battle with them and the Shinigami, most of remaining Bounts were killed.

Infuriated by this outcome, Eugene - now named himself Jin Kariya - took the remaining Bount population to Soul Society and used they're dolls to try and kill every Shinigami they could. However, Kariya's plan failed and most of the Bounts assembled were killed off and soon after that, Kariya to was killed. The only surviving Bount was Gō Koga who now lives with Ran'Tao.

[edit] Powers & Abilities

The powers they gained due to their unique creation differentiates them from both the Quincies and the Shinigami. Such powers include;

  • Soul Absorption: The Bounts usually devour the soul of an already deceased human and their soul is trying to pass on. However, they are capable of eating the souls of people that are still alive, however, this has bad repercussions on the Bounts. For example; the Bount Sawstari has aged greatly because of eating live human souls.
  • Immortality: When they eat human souls, they are able to live forever.
  • Enpowerment: By gaining human souls, they powers increase exponentially.

[edit] Dolls

A young Jin Kariya with numerous Dolls

Due to being created from Shinigami Souls, the Bounts have Spirit based weapons known as Dolls. Much like Zanpakutō, the Bounts are the creators of the Dolls and they are the physically manifestation of the Bounts power. The Doll also shares personality traits with it's Bount Master, but the variation of attatudes the Dolls have seem to be more varied than that of a Zanpakutō.

The main difference between the Dolls and the Zanpakutō is the way in which they are used. Zanpakutō, whose personality is usually dormant until their wielder speaks to them, a Doll's is always present. Dolls are self-sufficient and are easily contained in their forms. Much like a Zanpakutō the power over which the Bount has with their Doll is determined on the power of the Bount and their relationship with their Doll. However, if a Bount were to sustain a large number of injuries during battle and is unable to fight anymore, or their fighting ability is low, they loose control of their Doll, however of the Doll were to be subject to the same kind of injuries they simply go back into their sealed state. If their master becomes injured enough the Doll is prone to go berserk and end up killing it's master. (for example; the dolls of Ugaki and Mabashi). Also if the Doll doesn't think their Bount is strong enough to wield them, then they will kill their Bount and by extension kill themselves. Much was the case with Cain. The bound between Bount and Doll is genuine and a Doll, and usually goes beyond that of master and slave, however dolls have been shown to show as much loyalty as never leaving their master side until their wishes or goals have been completed.

Much like Zanpakutō, Dolls usually have a sealed state they retain whilst not being used in battle (Gō Koga's Doll had the sealed state form of a metallic sphere). The object varies from person and is usually a representation of the Dolls personality and/or abilities. In order for the Doll to become active, one must say "Zeige Dich" which is German for "Show Yourself", which is followed by the Dolls name.

[edit] Bitto

Bitto attacking Keigo Asano

Jin and Ugaki were able to artificially make a form of Doll they called Bitto. They are mosquito-like which is suited to their purpose as dolls - To drain the souls of humans and condense is down into a liquid, which the Bounts then drink. They even produce a usful vile in their sacks to store the elixir (usually blood-red in colour). When a Bount drinks this liquid they feel the power immediatly, and is shown with veins popping on the surface of their skin. Kariya was only able to create the Bitto because of the sacrifice of Yoshino, the only Bount capable of reproduction, and during a special ritual, created an entire army of the dolls.

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