Bleach Volume 20

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Bleach: Volume 20
MangaVol20.jpgEnd of Hypnosis
Chapter 169End of Hypnosis
Chapter 170End of Hypnosis 2 (The Galvanizer)
Chapter 171End of Hypnosis 3 (The Blue Fog)
Chapter 172End of Hypnosis 4 (Prisoners in Paradise)
Chapter 173End of Hypnosis 5 (Standing to Defend You)
Chapter 174End of Hypnosis 6 (The United Front)
Chapter 175End of Hypnosis 7 (Truth Under My Strings)
Chapter 176End of Hypnosis 8 (the Transfixion)
Chapter 177End of Hypnosis 9 (Encompassed)
Chapter 178No One Stands On the Sky
Cover CharacterGin Ichimaru
Japanese ReleaseDecember 2, 2005
English ReleaseAugust 7, 2007
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