Bleach: Dark Souls

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Bleach: Dark Souls is platformed for the Nintendo DS. It is a fighting game, with its own story line, featuring a group of Mod Souls called Duplicators, a type of Mod Soul that can transform into those it meets by copying their appearance and abilities. It has the same gameplay as its predecessor, Blade of Fate.

[edit] Story

The game's storyline is split into 4 parts. Part 1 fills in the gaps in the series when Rukia goes missing, and Ichigo searches for her, finishing up at the Shiba residence, where she apologizes for killing Kaien. Part 2 features many minigame-eqe matches, in a festival organized by S.G. Yamamoto to boost morale after the incident with Aizen, such as eating competitions and gathering up Hell Butterflies. The second half of this chapter deepens the story, with Hollows spawning from the hatred generated from Mod Souls about their impending destruction, introducing a Mod Soul in the body of Rin Tsubokura, who is collecting the Mod Souls, and rescuing them from being destroyed.

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