The King's Seal
The Ōin (王印, King's Seal) is a strong artifact that is owned by the Royal Family of Soul Society, and is moved from it's storing place every few centuries.

[edit] Summary

In Bleach: Diamond Dust Rebellion this artifact acts as the main plot line. The antagonist for the film, Sōjirō Kusaka and his two Arrancar followers steal the item during it's transportation. In an attempt to break the seal of the Ōin, Kusaka tries to force Tōshirō Hitsugaya into using his Bankai, but instead he uses his own sword. In doing this the Seal turns him into a giant, purple Ice dragon. By the time this had happened, the Seal was at full power and took the efforts of 4 Captains to fend off. The only way they managed to stop Kusaka was through the force of Ichigo Kurosaki's Hollow Mask donned and Hitsugaya's Bankai.

[edit] Powers and Abilities

  • Dimension Control: If a person has full control over the Ōin then they can control the dimension as they see fit. The power of the seal is so strong it can manipulate time, energy, space and matter.
  • Teleportation: Given the fact the Ōin can manipulate Space, it allows the user to teleport any amount of distance.
  • Healing: Given the fact it ca manipulate time, it can return a persons body to it's physical state before it was injured.
  • Requirements: For a person to be able to use the Ōin they must have attained the level of Bankai. If the user has not reached this level the power of the seal will expand at an alarmingly dangerous rate causing mass destruction.
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