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Welcome to the Bleach Neowiki!
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Welcome to the Bleach Neowiki!
Welcome to the Bleach series Wiki on Neoseeker! This Wiki is open to all the members who want to contribute.

This Wiki needs all the help it can get. Please take a moment to browse around and add your knowledge to the pages!

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How to Help and What We Need!
How to Help

  • Check out the Talk Page off of the Main Page to find discussions regarding the Wiki.
  • Check out Short Pages and fill them up with more info to make them more complete!
  • Check out Long Pages for some examples of indepth pages.
  • Help start pages from the Wanted Pages list, which lists a bunch of pages linked within the Wiki but that have not been created yet. You can create new pages using Special:CreatePage.
  • Write original content in your own words - do NOT copy and paste from other sources (but it is ok to source from other locations as long as you write using your own words, just like a research paper or Wikipedia article. References are fine)
What We Need

  • Help organize pages, improve formatting, and fix spelling and grammar.
  • Upload images - Screenshots, box-art, anything!

Start your work by visiting or creating these pages. Then link out from there. Remember we are looking at creating thousands of IN DEPTH pages with tons and tons of information!
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Gin Ichimaru (市丸 ギン Ichimaru Gin) was the captain of the 3rd Division of the Gotei 13 until his betrayal against Soul Society with alongside fellow captains Sōsuke Aizen and Kaname Tōsen. Before his defection his lieutenant was Izuru Kira. Despite being one of the main antagonists of the series, he also provides some comedy, often appearing somewhat randomly at the end of episodes Arrancar, Hueco Mundo, Captain Amagai, Fake Karakura, and Zanpakuto Unknown Tales arcs in which he shares facts about Arrancar.

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