Uryū Ishida

Uryu Ishida
Uryu Ishida.jpgUryu Ishida
BirthdayNovember 6th
WeaponQuincy Bow and Arrow
FamilyRyūken Ishida (Father), Sōken Ishida (Grandfather) (deceased)
Japanese NameNoriaki Suyiyama
OccupationQuincy/High School Student
Voice Actor (English)Derek Stephen Prince

Uryu is one of the main characters in the Bleach series. Uryu is one of the last Quincies, a band of humans who, over centuries, aquired powers to fight Hollows. Uryu is very smart and in battle, strategic.

[edit] Appearance

Uryu wears a long, white robe which is his Quincy outfit. When Uryu is not in his Quincy outfit, he usually wears his school uniform which is a buttoned white t-shirt and pants. Uryu also wears glasses. Uryu has long dark blue hair in the front and short hair in the back.

[edit] Personality

In school, Uryu is a very smart person. Uryu is also a little bit shy. However, when Uryu is in battle he plans his moves very carefully and executes them perfectly, which makes him strategic and a strong fighter. Uryu also has been seen blushing when looking at Rukia which may mean he likes her.

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