The Gates of Hell
Hell (黄泉 Kousen; known as the Underworld in the English Dub) is the location that all spirits go if the lives they led as a human being were of evil intent. The role of a Shinigami's Zanpakutō's hilt is only to cleanse all of the sins the Soul (Plus) did after it's transformation into a Hollow and send them on to Soul Society. However if the Plus was evil before transformation into Hollow they will still go on through the gates of Hell despite the intervention of the Shinigami.

During the fight between the Hollow Shrieker and Ichigo Kurosaki, Shrieker's hollow mask is slashed. The Gates seemed to have been created from some sort of energy that was released from the wound. Usually the gates of hell are chained shut unless a Soul needed to pass through them. Adorned on the front of each door to the gate are two skeletal torso's and head, with the head bandaged revealing one eye on each respective head. The arms of each skeletal abomination is angled toward the door to they can be opened when a Spirit needs to pass through.

On the other side of the door, they seem to be prevented from opening fully by ropes attached to either side by two thick ropes, donned with charms. The face and left arm of the creature that dwells inside can be seen through the doors when they open. The purpose of the ropes is still undetermined but presumably they are there to keep the creature from escaping. The creature has armor plating on it's visible arm with a blade attached to it. The appendages that can be seen from outside the gates are covered in tribal markings and tattoos. The creature pulls in the Soul/Hollow by impaling it with it's blade and yanking it in, laughing. When the soul has entered the gates close, cracks and the entire structure crumbles into nothing.

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